Everyone has an opinion on bug out bags and I won’t get into the merits of which is better, Molle or Alice Attachment methods, or which is better, Olive Drab, Woodland Camo, Multi Cam, SWAT Black or a non military/non law enforcement color for your pack.  What I will say is there are three common bug out bag mistakes that many people make; and once you are aware of them you can properly avoid them.

  1. Essential equipment must be easily accessible.  Things you need to access frequently should not be buried in the bottom of your pack or in hard to access areas.  If it’s essential and frequently used pack it so it is readily accessible.
  2. Adjust your packs shoulder straps and waist belt beforehand.  Don’t wait until an actual emergency occurs to find out your pack doesn’t fit.  Get it properly adjusted and ready to wear before you need to actually use it.
  3. Carry your pack as a test.  If you can’t make it to the end of the driveway without having to drop the pack then the pack and items inside are too heavy.  Don’t make your pack so heavy that it cannot be carried for a significant distance.  Determine what is really essential to your survival and carry only those items.

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