Everyone needs to draw a line in the sand for what they will and will not tolerate.  Here is my list of things I will not tolerate.

  • Anyone who tells me my political beliefs are wrong.  I am proud to be a Conservative Republican and truly believe that Conservative ideals are the way to go.
  • Anyone who tries to take away my second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.  I am a proud gun owner who trains and practices on a regular basis and who takes pride in my target shooting skills.
  • Anyone who does not prepare for disasters; and then expects others to drop everything to help them when they could have helped themselves.
  • Anyone with a welfare/entitlement mentality.  While I understand everyone goes through hard times at certain points in their lives; it is up to each individual to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and go on to achieve something worthwhile.
  • Anyone who is a racist.  There is no room for racism and no excuse for anyone who engages in racist tirades or racist hatred.  Hating others because of their race, creed, religion or origin is simply wrong thinking.
  • Anyone without morals or values.  It is not hard to do the right thing so make sure when the situation presents itself; that you choose to do the right thing.
  • Anyone engaging in violent crime.  You are the scum of the earth and you can expect to receive a just punishment.  Karma has a way of balancing the scales.

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  1. I agree 100%
    except for 2nd amendment, we do not have that up here, now that being said I do believe we should have less restrictions on the type of firearm and some of the laws. Some of our storage laws though are very good and I agree, they should be kept in a safe or equivalent unless being used, on your body or being transported, though there are strict laws for that here as well.

    I try to live my life with Values, thanks for the post

  2. I totally agree with you on the things that you don’t tolerate. 🙂

    It makes me crazy when people tell me I am overly-prepared (but hey, they thank me when the power goes out during a hurricane, and I had the forethought to get the genny set up and gassed beforehand).

    Racist anything ticks me off.

    The “entitlement” generation needs to get a grip. I never even tried to apply for assistance when I was left as a single mom with three boys, a mortgage, and a job that didn’t need me anymore. You get creative, but it CAN be done.

    I want my gun – I want to protect myself. That is MY right.

    I respect the political views of others. I may not always agree, but I do have respect.

    RE: Morals? If more people had them, the world would be a much better place.

    Violent crime? The current justice system is a joke and too many violent criminals are out on the street.

    Now I am off to explore the rest of your site. 🙂

    • rmactsc says:

      See Julie. Great minds do think alike. I am honored that you will be checking out the rest of my site and I look forward to your comments 🙂

      • You’ve got a fascinating blog going on here. 🙂 The common sense posts (especially in regards to home protection) are well written and very informative. 🙂 I’m starting from January 2012 and working my way forward.

        I’ve heard it before, and now I will say it: The times, they are a’changin’.

        When I’ve lived in my neighborhood for sixteen years and just within the past week found reason to be afraid in the local grocery store parking lot? That’s a problem.

        Thanks again for putting this out there!

      • rmactsc says:

        You’re welcome and I am very glad that you decided to join this blog. I hope you find the articles informative and if you enjoy reading post apocalyptic and survival fiction you may want to purchase some of my books. You can get a free preview by clicking on the book cover images to the left of my blog posts.

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