Book Review, The Blighted by Archer Garrett

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Writing
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Another first rate book has been released by Archer Garrett entitled The Blighted.  The story is as follows.

A horrific virus has spread across the globe, transforming the infected into ravenous, flesh-eating creatures. Humanity hangs by a thread as those who remain struggle to survive in the new world.

the Blighted follows several story lines, including:

A research team in Suva, Fiji, forced to flee the island after their research facility is overrun. With them, they may hold the key to saving what is left of civilization.

A husband and wife in coastal Mississippi is forced to flee their enclave and search for a missing loved one. Along the way, they discover there are things much more evil in the world, than the hordes of undead.

This is a good read and can be purchased at Amazon; so if you liked Archer’s other books you can add this one to your collection.

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