Common Survival Shooting Scenario Mistakes Revisited

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Survival
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An extreme survival scenario has just ocurred.  Armed criminals are on the prowl with the intent of harming you and your family.  Now is not the time to make shooting mistakes.  Here are some of the common shooting scenario mistakes people make when under stress or pressure.  Avoid these shooting mistakes at all costs.

  • Not seeing what is in plain sight while scanning the area for the enemy.
  • Not being aware of where your muzzle is pointed and what your trigger finger is doing.
  • Moving too quickly.
  • Not removing the safety once target acquisition has been obtained.
  • Not being sure of your target and considering what is around the target.
  • Not prioritizing your threats.
  • Not making positive ID that a threat is truly a threat.
  • Not breathing properly or having correct situational awareness.
  • Not having sufficient, available ammunition in the correct caliber for your weapon.

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  1. Awful lot of things for a Wolfie brain to remember in a very tiny window of time I would assume! Then again…I’m pretty good at “shooting myself in the foot!!”

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