Feel Free To Vent By Commenting On the Following

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Commentary
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Feel free to vent by commenting on the following.  If you could pick one political issue that concerns you more than any other; what issue would it be and why?  I’ll reserve my answer for a just a little while.


  1. theinnerhaven says:

    The blurring of the line seperating church and state. It is not the Presidents job to lead on religious topics. When we have a president standing before the country claiming to be christian and then stating certain things are good that God says ae bad…this puts the entire country in a very precarious situation.

    • rmactsc says:

      I agree. Obama seems to be treading where no President has gone before on many things and is clearly overstepping his authority in many areas. There is a moral right and a moral wrong and those lines seem to be getting blurred; which cannot be good for any society.

  2. nvchad2 says:

    Gun rights. But I think we’ve all heard more than we care to about that right now. haha. I’ve only recently developed a strong interest in guns but its hard to enjoy them like before because not only is ammo unavailable, but most accessories as well. It’s just frustrating to say the least. I feel like I’m going to lose some of my handgun skill that I was developing because I don’t have the ammo to go to the range that often anymore.

    • rmactsc says:

      Gun rights is my top venting issue as well; no surprise there I’m sure lol 🙂 It wasn’t long ago when ammo and magazines of every kind were in full supply everywhere; now they are harder and harder to find. Looking forward to when as a society we once again go back to protecting the rights of law abiding gun owners and punishing criminals instead of the other way around.

  3. Not sure if it counts as a political issue, maybe more of a moral issue but since I’m probably not meant to comment on affairs of the US when I’m a UK citizen….the death penalty. Can’t believe in civilised society we still think it’s ok to take lives in this way – especially when the person is on occasions in fact innocent. In the UK you’re innocent till proven guilty but I understand it’s guilty till proven innocent in US. Death row should be abolished right now!! Along with Guantanamo Bay! Whatever happened to human rights!!! If those things aren’t a political issue then they should be!! … Vent…vent…vent….!! 😀

    • rmactsc says:

      Personally I think the death penalty for certain crimes is a good idea provided it is carried out quickly; instead of keeping someone on death row for thirty years. Rape, murder, car jacking, etc. if the court finds you guilty; applying the death penalty swiftly is a big deterrent. Problem is it is never applied in a timely manner when it should be.

      • If it was the deterrent it’s sold as being those crimes would stop. They haven’t. And innocent people are still wrongly murdered under the death penalty. And if there was no death penalty there would be no death row. Let God be their judge – as we judge others so too will we be judged….

      • rmactsc says:

        Let us agree to disagree my friend 🙂

    • I must comment here about the death penalty. I agree with both of you guys. While I have no issue with taking someone’s life if the crime is fitting, the problem I do have is that innocent people have been executed, then later exonerated after new evidence was found. So I must say that I disagree with the death penalty if even one person was or could be wrongly put to death. That is not what the constitution is about and what if that one person was you? I actually disagree with our whole criminal justice system. It’s really a class system. If you have the money to burn you usually walk ie: OJ Simpson or Wall Street Crooks accused of stealing billions. While at the same time simple first offenders are thrown in jail because of mandatory minimum sentences. They become institutionalized and cannot function in normal society anymore. Thanks for listening to my Rant 🙂

      • rmactsc says:

        Thanks for commenting. It’s a tough issue. I tend to lean more towards the old west method of the judge found you guilty; swing the noose over the tree, sentence to be carried out tomorrow 🙂

      • Yeah I hear you. Maybe we need more simplicity like those old days 🙂 Since we are on the topic of venting. The issue that really gets me heated is NDAA. The sketchy wording in the bill that says we could be detained with out trial. Many professional people have an issue with the wording concerning American citizens :/

      • rmactsc says:

        It makes you wonder how many other bills are out there with dangerous wording buried deep inside the content.

      • From my viewpoint it’s good to see someone else doesn’t see this subject as black and white as many do. As you say “what if that one person was you?” Everybody’s entitled to their views and opinions of course but I also wonder how many who want the death penalty would be prepared to physically and personally do the job if they were put to the test. And I don’t mean pressing a button on an automated system or something. I question what sort of person they are that can without conscience or concern effectively murder another human being. Does any human have the right to take a life? Maybe some people just enjoy the god-like status such behaviour gives them. I consider our criminal justice system a joke too the same reasons as you put forward. But we are all corrupt in one way or another so how can any human ever create a just criminal justice system…and so the questions continue! :D.

      • Great point of view! I was just talking with a friend about government and I brought up the same point. Whoever you put in charge will eventually be corrupted. I believe our forefathers realized this. This is why they set up the constitution the way they did. It was an attempt to repel corruption by setting up checks and balances while guaranteeing citizens basic rights that couldn’t be taken away. As time went on however, people tasted the power of controlling people and wanted more. They started finding loopholes and subverted the constitution every chance they could. Then Banks as well as Big Business seized opportunities to grab power. Now those entities truly run this government. It’s sad most people don’t realize or care to realize. When I look back in history at all the great civilizations that came before us I see they all suffered the same fate. I.e. The Roman Republic became the Roman Empire and then they were defeated. All that took many years, but I fear we are headed down the same road.

      • rmactsc says:

        Good analogy with the Roman empire. I agree that it seems we are headed down the same path if we don’t have a major course correction soon.

      • Yes I agree, but the two party system has everyone right where they want them. Fighting amongst themselves. So I don’t see any real hope in the future.

      • rmactsc says:

        It’s unfortunate that politics has become more glitz and glamour then based on fact. Politicians know they can say anything, just to get elected, and then never follow through or worse; do the exact opposite of what they said they’d do. I tend to see this most often on the liberal side of the spectrum.

      • I believe there are poisonous people on both sides as well as good people on both sides. The two party system is an ingenious way for blame to be shifted every few years. When there is a king every knows who to blame, but in this system it’s not as clear. There is a new scape goat every few years, and if that scape goat doesn’t play the game correctly he gets to take a ride through Dealy Plaza. I know I posted a lot of negative stuff here, but I’m actually an optimistic person. I feel no matter what happens we have to enjoy life and not be scared or live our lives ruled by fear. So even though I see the corruption, and the empire falling. I’m going to enjoy life as much as I can 🙂

      • rmactsc says:

        Great philosophy. I agree. It is best to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible 🙂

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