With the snowpocalypse keeping many of us inside in the Northeast; here are 5 gun projects you can consider trying to do, to pass the time, while you are waiting to get back out to the range.  

  • Set up your Mosin Nagant 1891/30 into a scout/sniper configuration by removing the wooden stock and replacing it with a synthetic one.  Then add a scope mounting system to replace the rear sight and set up a long eye relief fixed power scope, then add a bipod.
  • Set up your Yugo SKS into a scoped configuration by removing the wooden stock and replacing it with a synthetic one.  Then add a scope mounting system and a variable powered scope.  Don’t forget to add a shell deflector as the Yugo SKS ejects straight up and not to the right.  You can also add a bipod for shooting stability and remove the fixed magazine and replace it with a removable duck bill magazine.
  • Set up your AR-15 with carry handle to be able to use both the iron sights and a scope mounted on top of the carry handle.  I’ll give you a hint to help you here.  Find a piece of plastic pipe and split it in half and glue a rubber riser to the top; then fasten it to the AR-15 stock by snapping it on.  Mine rotates so by turning it an 1/8th of a click to the right, my cheek rests perfectly against the stock for use with the iron sights.  By turning it back an 1/8th of a click; the riser gives me enough cheek weld to use the scope that is mounted above the carry handle.
  • For rifles that need a flash suppressor you can make a homemade one by measuring the circumference of the barrel and then buying a slightly larger piece of black, metal plumbing pipe; and cutting it to size.  Then bond it with industrial strength glue and slip it over the barrel until it dries in place.
  • For your shotguns you can add extra shell carriers to both the stock and the opposite side of the ejection port, add ghost ring sights and install a heat deflector over the barrel.  You can also add a flashlight mount and flashlight to the shotgun tube.

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  2. OK 😉 Padding off to get my wolfie shot gun…trying not to shoot myself in the paw…Doing questionable job of remembering which way round to carry it…but hopefully I haven’t got the firey end in my wolfie chops right now :D….So you’d agree then? I’m wolfishly ready to work my way through these fine projects…yes? I have learned my lessons well and am…well armed to the teeth! Now…where was the trigger on this hefty great lump of metal I’m lugging around in my wolfie chops!! See? I knew I’d make you proud!!!! lol 😉 😀

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