One of my readers asked me if I would once again address this topic so I’ll take another run at it as requested.  In order to be better prepared to protect yourself; be aware of the warning signs that usually signal that an attack by a criminal is imminent.

  • When someone invades your personal space, by standing too close, especially when there aren’t many people around.  What they are doing is closing the distance between you and them for a potential attack.
  • Asking you a question like do you have the time or do you have change for a dollar.  What they are doing is evaluating your situational awareness and sizing you up as a potential target.
  • If someone is walking towards you and their hands are hidden; especially behind their backs, your radar should be up telling you that something is wrong.
  • Coordinated motion; if you cross the street and they cross the street, if you stop walking and they stop walking; you are being positioned for an attack.
  • Glances are another tell-tale sign.  If someone is constantly glancing around to see if they are being watched it is a good indication that they are up to no good.  What they are doing is making sure there are no potential witnesses before they attack. 
  • If someone directly in front of you starts shifting their weight look out for an attack.  Weight shifting is generally done so that they can deliver a maximum knockout punch before assaulting or robbing you.
  • Herding occurs when a criminal tries to manuever or lure you to an isolated place.  If you feel like you are being steered away from people to a dark or deserted area; do not go, period.
  • Never flash money or expensive jewelry in public.  You never know who might be watching and decide to make you a target.
  • Always be situationally aware.

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  1. Mart Dawson says:

    Some good advice. Thanks.

  2. rmactsc says:

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thanks.

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    Good advice that can be applied to any apocalypse!

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