Disaster means different things to different people.  When disaster strikes such as civil unrest, war, famine, end of the world scenarios, etc., weapons for self defense will be an important necessity when it comes to your survival. 

Thugs, criminals, looters, etc., will be everywhere, usually working in groups and law enforcement depending on the nature of the disaster may be non existent.  Good luck finding a truly suitable weapon after a disaster has occurred.  You need to have your weapons and sufficient ammunition available to you before a disaster happens rather than hope you can locate some after.

There are many choices in weapons and even if you have a whole locker full of them, the reality is you cannot individually use them all at once.  Therefore it is necessary to have one primary type of each major weapon available to you and to make sure you are fully versed in using them properly. 

For firearms this will include loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions, cleaning, zeroing, aiming and  making sure your point of aim equals your point of impact.  For knives this will include sharpening and overall handling capabilities.

I have divided my weapons groups into 6 categories with my final selections based on reliability, functionality, durability and dependability.

  • Category 1:  Primary Shotgun = Mossberg 590A1 
  • Category 2: Primary Handgun = Smith & Wesson M&P 45 
  • Category 3: Primary Rifle out to 250 yards = DPMS AP4 Panther Carbine AR-15
  • Category 4: Primary Rifle out to 500 yards = Modified Yugo SKS
  • Category 5: Primary Rifle out to 1000 yards = FAL L1A1
  • Category 6: Primary Knife = Elite Forces Fixed Blade

Whatever your primary weapons choices are make sure you are proficient in their use.  Do not instigate or invite trouble, your weapons should be for defensive capabilities only.

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  1. nvchad2 says:

    hmm…six categories and I only have 5 guns. Think this is enough to convince my fiance to let me buy another? 🙂

    • rmactsc says:

      Doesn’t hurt to ask lol 🙂 I was out looking at some weapons this weekend and I found all of the rifles are way overpriced; shotguns are hard to come by and also overpriced; although handguns were still reasonable both new and used. I am looking to pick up another weapon but I’m going to wait until prices come back down.

      • nvchad2 says:

        Might be waiting a while from what my local dealers have been telling me. With recent demand so high it could be a long time before things drop unfortunately. I hope that isn’t the case but only time will tell.

      • rmactsc says:

        I actually saw used AR-15’s worth about $800.00 being sold by a gun dealer in my area for $3,200.00. Insane pricing. Hopefully no one will actually buy it at that price.

  2. docdigit says:

    The real problem is ammunition. It’s hard to maintain proficiency when you can’t get enough ammo to practice with. I have a good source but even that is getting spotty.

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