Here are some of the dry fire drills I do after first making sure that the weapons I use are either unloaded; or that the weapons use snap caps only.  Dry fire drills should never be done with live ammunition.

Handgun – Practice drawing from your holster and acquiring your target; front sight on target then press.  If you carry in condition 3; then practice drawing from your holster; racking the slide, front sight on target then press.  You can also practice quick, repeated magazine changes.  Never use live ammunition for any dry fire drills.

Shotgun – Practice target acquisition then rack the slide and press; repeat and cycle through the snap caps quickly.  You can also deliberately not rack the pump through its full cycle which will result in a double feed malfunction so you can then practice clearing the malfunction.  Loading and unloading drills can also be done with snap caps.  Never use live ammunition for any dry fire drills.

Rifle – Practice bringing the rifle up from whatever sling configuration you use; gain proper sight alignment and press.  You can also practice clearing malfunctions and quick, repeated magazine changes. Practice transitioning between iron sights and optics and back again.  Never use live ammunition for any dry fire drills.

For all weapons types practice non dominant hand weapons manipulation as well as dominant hand weapons manipulation.  With any of the exercises; don’t try to go faster than you are capable of.  Speed comes with practice and with speed you want to develop an accurate skill set.  Never use live ammunition for any dry fire drills.

These are the drills I run through.  There are many other variations so it’s best to practice the ones that work best for your own individual needs.  Whether or not you use snap caps or leave the weapon empty is entirely optional.  I prefer snap caps because it more accurately represents the true weapons weight and I can cycle through the snap caps to make sure the weapons function smoothly.   Never perform dry fire drills with live ammunition.

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  1. nvchad2 says:

    Good post, I hadn’t thought about some of those things. I practice aiming fairly frequently but I hadn’t really thought about changing magazines. Or practicing how to clear jams. But I will now. And I’ll be sure not to use live ammunition. 🙂

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks. Let me know if you come up with any other dry fire drills I can add to my practice sessions. In case I didn’t mention it enough in the post; no live ammunition 🙂

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