Civil unrest is sweeping through your neighborhood.  Violence is escalating out of control.  You only have time to grab one weapon to deal with the golden horde that is coming to take your life and everything you have worked for.  What weapon are you going to choose and why?  I’ll reserve my answer for later.  Looking forward to hearing about your choices.


  1. docdigit says:

    20mm autogun with belt fed HEI rounds.

    • rmactsc says:

      Interesting comment. I would agree that besides a weapon wits and making proper, effective decisions are equally important.

      • …That said, either the 12 gauge or AR… I am in a tight, cramped eastern suburb here. Lots of concealment for attackers, lots of ingress and egress. Topo is flat, forest cover dense. Coastal plain area. Conflict would show its face within 200 yards, usually within 100 I suspect. I am more confident and practiced w AR, but gosh the unintended victims of a 556 rounds reach in this setting is uncomfortable to me. I would stick w the AR… But a 12 GA with the right loads is more sane choice here for lead control, but am a bit uncomfortable relying on my Moss 500 or Rem 870s in ‘hot’ situation where multiple reloads under stress may be required. (Better if I had gotten to the damned BOL in the first place but suspect I am not that smart and do not count on it!) GE.

      • rmactsc says:

        I tend to fluctuate between the AR-15 and the Mossberg 590A1 12 gauge; but if civil unrest results in large mobs, then the AR-15 moves to the top of my choice list.

  2. docdigit says:

    Unless you have a seriously hardened defensive capability, I think that the best bet in a case like this may be to bug out, not bug in. If you have a ‘hardened hole’ and can somehow remove enough of the leaders of this so called horde, then you may stand a slim chance, but you have to look at the numbers. It is a simple equation, how long can you hold out (include food and ammo in this) against how many people. If it is one or two against 100, then several thousand rounds of ammunition may be needed (you will be shocked at what it takes to actually incapacitate the human body). Time is going to work against you and if they have any kind of tactical sense, you will be in serious trouble from the start. One plan may be to set up a false hold, some place that looks like you recently occupied it and have left, leaving behind just enough food and ammo to be convincing.

    • rmactsc says:

      Great points. I think the average person is under-prepared to make a home defense stand and even less prepared to survive away from their residence.

  3. jessemathewson says:

    Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    Whichever I get first- my Mossberg 702 plinkster .22 – it is sighted in with Appleseed accuracy- and I have 4 magazines attached to the butt- Ely primed Augila 40 grain solid lead- with the buttstock full of another 500 rounds of the same- I know that on unarmored targets it is deadly- regardless two or four legs- 🙂 why? Because I have used it on small-medium game(deer)

    • rmactsc says:

      Interesting choice. I’m surprised to see a .22 as a choice but I suspect you are very proficient with it and it does offer the most bulk ammo carrying capacity on ones person; than the more high powered rounds due to size and weight.

      • jessemathewson says:

        Don’t get me wrong- as a shooter/Instructor/tactics guy I prefer a fire team of 4 individuals and myself armed with Glock handguns (same caliber)/ ARs (.223)/ two designated marksmen with .308s and a few thousand rounds of downrange experience – and I wouldn’t mind air support.

        That being said- the question was a simple one, right? If I can only grab one firearm/weapon? Well the answer is here…

        Now that aside, I am always carrying a sidearm and three magazines. My car/house/etc has carbines with battle packs of 240 rounds in magazines. And I shoot half moa groups with my lightweight .308 bolt gun…practice practice practice.

        ***If you don’t already reload, your screwed, but reloading and tinkering with loads data etc allows even tighter accuracy and more practice 🙂

      • jessemathewson says:

        And it is quiet, easy to hit a couple, move laterally, hit a few more, move again and keep going. You can always take from the dead, but you gotta live long enough to hit them good.

      • rmactsc says:

        Sounds like you are well prepared sir 🙂

    • jessemathewson says:

      I actually offer training in tracking through surveillance counter surveillance for the price of a plane ticket/board on location. 🙂

      You tube- FAST shooting Arizona- that’s what we do- twice a month- more sometimes 🙂

  4. Idahobob says:

    Neighborhood? Are you in the suburbs?

    You are doomed if you are still there when violence begins.

    You should have either moved away or bugged out a long time ago.


    • rmactsc says:

      I am in a nice suburban neighborhood. Problem for many folks when bugging out is they may have a secondary place somewhere out in the back country; but by the time they leave to get there when the SHTF, they never make it.

      • jessemathewson says:

        I live in a southern Arizona town, I’m a county that is larger than most states north of the mason Dixon. Regardless, community is essential, and far more important than single individual prepping.

      • rmactsc says:

        My state is so small; less than an hours drive in any direction and I’m in another state 🙂

    • jessemathewson says:

      Your welcome here- we like self reliant, intelligent people with skills! 🙂

    • jessemathewson says:

      It is nice, and to answer the other question, yes.

  5. Shotgun w. Ten round clip

    • rmactsc says:

      What particular make and model of shotgun are you using? I presume it’s a 12 gauge. I’ve heard some of the mag fed shotguns tend to jam. What has your experience with them been?

  6. nvchad2 says:

    Looks like I’m late getting into the comments. I would go for my AR15. Keep the conversion kit in the pouch of its carry case. With that one rifle I can shoot both .223 and 22lr. It wouldn’t be easy to defend my home from a hoard of anything, but I feel THAT rifle would give me the best chance.

  7. conelrad says:

    what a question, however, if you are prepared, then you know that the golden horde is large, and if you have been paying attention, then I would suggest that you should have been long gone before their arrival. However, I am speaking as to myself and my geographical area where I live. So to get to the question, I say time to go..NOW!!!

    • rmactsc says:

      I’ve pretty much made the decision to stay put if civil unrest occurs. My home is my castle so to speak; and even though in the suburbs there’s enough open spaces to make it defensible. Cities I think would be a much more difficult situation.

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