The art and science of prepping basically comes down to having the right gear, the right skills and the right mindset to survive when disaster strikes.  There are literally hundreds of items that are essential and worthwhile to stock up on; but to get you started, here is my top ten list of essential items to have on hand if disaster strikes.

  • Drinking water – at least a 3 months supply per person.
  • Food – at least a three months supply per person.
  • Firearms for self defense – shotguns, rifles and handguns along with proper training are essential.
  • Ammo and Mags – As much as possible in the proper calibers with mags as needed; to handle any self defense situation.
  • First Aid Kit – With enough vital medical supplies to handle most medical emergencies.
  • Generator with proper wiring to run your entire house.
  • Gasoline – Minimum of 100 gallons safely stored.
  • Communications gear including cell phones, CB’s, 2 way radios, shortwave and backup computers.
  • Bright Flashlights – As many as possible along with plenty of replacement batteries.
  • Assorted variety of proper clothing to handle all types of good as well as bad weather.

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  1. dhdriller says:

    agreed, however gasoline can and will go stale in storage. I totally agree on having a reserve supply, we do as well, and we rotate it out every six months (put it in our cars, and re-fill the gas storage barrel). But I have also been looking into other sources of internal combustions fuels. Diesels can run on other petroleum based products, and bio diesel, there is also distilling alcohol and making gas engines run off it, and also wood gas. I have seen trucks with wood gas burners mounted in the back, however I would only use a wood gas set up in a stationary type of scenario such as generator use. Any ways, other sources of fuels are something to think about. Another thing we added to our Home prepper plan is a library. Consisting of text books in case we need to teach future generations, books on sciences, biology, mathmatics, and also task specific books (homesteading, food processing and long term food storage, engineering and building, etc) So that all we have learned up till SHTF all knoledge will not be lost, and we can begin to re-teach, and re-build

    • rmactsc says:

      You bring up some excellent points. Reference material as well as rotating fuel is essential. I store all of my fuel in individual 5 gallon containers totaling 100 gallons. Each container has Stabilizer added and I date the containers so I know when I have to rotate them. When I’m ready to rotate; I use it in one of the vehicles, and then refill the container with fresh gasoline; re-add stabilizer, re-date the container and start over 🙂

      • dhdriller says:

        That is our process exactly, however we keep it all in one storage tank with a hand pump on it. But we also add stabilizer, and we also date it, and we constantly rotate it out. Definately a must have for any kinds of travel, scouting missions, food/materials recon, etc. But eventually will run out. Which we can syphon from other rigs true, but my guess would be after about a year and a half-2 years, the gasoline in any tank or vehicle would be too stale and deteriorated to be useful. Which is why i have been researching other fuel meathods. So far, alcohol is looking like a promising solution, or having a diesel vehicle.

      • rmactsc says:

        I like your one storage tank method with hand pump option. I also keep a syphon pump available just in case; but have never had to use it other than a test run with it. I haven’t researched other fuel methods yet but it sounds like something I should check into.

  2. Ok…where’s my bug out bag?…need a flash light…very dark in the Wolfie den…bulb’s blown and wasn’t exactly prepared…no spare bulbs…oh dear…no spare batteries for the flash light either! Now what was that you were saying about when disaster strikes!!

    • rmactsc says:

      Funny you should mention flashlights. Last count I had about 30 of them or so; plus enough batteries to last for quite some time. For some reason I really enjoy buying flashlights; it seems every time I find one that has some feature that is new and improved I must have it 🙂

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  4. conelrad says:

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