There are two bags you always need to have at the ready.  1- Your Bug Out Bag and 2 – Your Armed Response Bag.  Your Bug Out Bag should contain your survival gear, extra food, water, clothing, first aid kit, etc., while your armed response bag should contain your shotgun shells and rifle ammo with magazines for defensive purposes. 

My armed response bag is the Voodoo Tactical extended deployment extra large bag in woodland camo;  which is a shoulder, sling mounted bag with 4 separate compartments.  I have made some changes in what I carry as follows.  In the front compartment I keep 24, 00 Buck shotgun shells in a Condor molle shotgun shell pouch, In the rear compartment I keep 4 P-Mag 30 round magazines; and in each of the side compartments I keep 12 additional 00 Buck shotgun shells in Voodoo Tactical molle shotgun shell pouches.  Total available rounds for quick deployment equals 48 shotgun shells and 120 rifle cartridges.

Your armed response bag is for when you need immediate, quick access to your ammo in the event of a defensive scenario where your life or your families life is on the line.  The reason I keep both shotgun and rifle ammo with mags available; is depending on the scenario, it will make a difference whether I go to my 12 gauge shotgun or my rifle as my primary defensive weapon.  In either event I have everything handy in the event an armed self defense response is necessary.

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  1. Jon Vestal says:

    Hi, I stumbled across your blog a few weeks back. I’ve enjoyed reading much of your archives, good info simply put.

    Regarding an armed response bag, this is something i’ve given some thought to, but have trouble justifying grabbing more equip. in the event i need to leave in a hurry. I think separating bags is sound advice (BOB/INCH bags, armed response bag) but if leaving for any reason suddenly, I would think having dedicated compartments for similar items in your main bag may be a better option, with the understanding that your sacrificing volume of ammo, for convenience.

    And while avoiding LEO checkpoints or run-ins is perfferd, it may be inevedable at some point and or time, where a bag of this type may draw unneeded attention, while it may be possible to pass without incident, utlilzing a BOB with similar contents, which may be more discrete.

    I live on LI, so I’ve pretty much come to terms with the idea of bugging in, and plan on only leaving as a last resort, or perhaps at least waiting it out until the situation has stabilized somewhat so having something setup dedicated for ammo & weapon maint. Is defientely advisable, its just leaving with it that concerns me.

    In the event you need to leave your AO, do you plan on bringing both bags?

  2. rmactsc says:

    HI Jon. Glad you’re enjoying the posts. I’ve pretty much made the decision to bug in if the SHTF; so having the BOB and the armed response bag independent of each other works for me. If I did have to bug out; I would absolutely take both, but again if civil unrest is the way things play out; personally I feel more secure bugging in then hitting the road.

  3. Wolfie fleas!!! How many bags is a Wolfie supposed to carry around!! I only have one set of paws lol 😉 Then again…on reflection… I have a pretty awesome “Armed response” bag in my Wolfie jaw 😉 Not at all bad these Wolfie fangs of mine! 😀

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