It is important to set up a family first aid kit and to place it in a location where everyone in your household has access to it.  I set mine up in a surplus military tool bag and wrote the words first aid kit on it in permanent marker.  I keep it in a location where everyone in the household has access to it and I stock it with the following items.

  • Dental Tools
  • Pill Cutter
  • Nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, tape
  • Lots of band aids
  • Gauze pads
  • Battle Dressings
  • Cold and Flu Medicine
  • Acetominiphin, Ibuprofin
  • Anti Radiation Pills
  • Anti Itch Cream
  • Burn Cream
  • Cough Lozenges
  • Antiseptic Wound Cleanser
  • Premoistened Cleaning Cloths

I will also be adding digital thermometers, a first aid manual and disposable medical gloves.  What other First Aid related items do the rest of you carry in your family first aid kits as I’m looking to add additional supplies?

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  1. Elle Hunt says:

    Antihistamine, deet, sunscreen, wound packing for severe bleeding (clotting materials), saline solution (for cleaning eyes), super glue and duct tape.

  2. jay352 says:

    I have a hip kit in mine (Ebay) it is the kit used for a hip replacement. Suture kit, scalpel, towel, dressing etc. in addition to dissolving sutures and regular. I also keep a road flare in it in case I need a fire to provide heat .

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks for the info. I will look into adding a scalpel and suture kit and study up on the laymens use of those. Good idea on the road flare as well.

  3. jessemathewson says:

    Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    An absolutely essential addition to a homes preparedness setup 🙂

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