So you are well stocked with prepped supplies when the SHTF.  Armed thugs are trying to get to you and your family and take your survival gear as well as your lives.  If you plan on defending your location; here are the three most prevalant attack methods that thugs will use to get inside your defended perimeter.

  • Indirect attack where the enemy fires at your location from a distance in an attempt to force you out; or destroy your location.
  • Frontal Attack where the enemy rushes your position by charging forward and concentrating all of their forces on a single point of entry.
  • Enveloping attack where the enemy attacks from multiple sides such as using their smaller forces to attack the front of your location while sending their larger forces around back; to simultaneously attack and breach your perimeter.

Now that you are aware of the three most common attack methods you can take the time to plan your defensive strategies accordingly.

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