There you have it; that’s all it takes, refuse to be a victim.  Whether in your personal or professional life all you need to do is have the mindset that you will not be a victim.  Once that mindset is developed, everything else becomes easy.  People with a victims mentality attract predators and manipulators, people with a survival and confident mentality keep predators and manipulators at bay.

Once you have decided to not be a victim, then doors of opportunity open.  Your confidence increases, your interests broaden and you will develop a clarity of purpose.  Keep moving forward, train vigilantly in self defense techniques and in the proper use of firearms and practice, practice, then practice some more. 

Remember each person is individually responsible for their own safety and security.  Don’t delegate that responsibility to someone else.  Make sure you have the skill and the will to defend yourself properly if and when the situation arises.  Criminals look for easy targets of opportunity so make yourself a hard target.  Refuse to be a victim!

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  1. mizinsomniac says:

    Well, I think I could barely carry a bug-out bag fully loaded down the stairs of my house, let alone to safety, but I can, I think, refuse to be a victim.

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