Those who seek to ban the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizen’s are traitors.  Nothing more, nothing less.


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  1. conelrad says:

    well now it seems that Connecticut will soon be trying an expanded the version of Chicago gun control experiment, and the citizens will see that all the fuzzy good feelings this inspires will not save nor stop another school shooting. It will save no one. It will violate the 2nd amendment, and it will end in gun registration on the State level, and will give further impetus to those fools and buffoons in Washington DC.

    • rmactsc says:

      I live in Connecticut so I am seeing the liberal idiocy first hand. I hope the lawsuits start; and this works its way to the supreme court where it can be ruled unconstitutional. Talk about punishing law abiding citizen’s for exercising their second amendment rights. The people’s republic of communist Connecticut is now here.

  2. mizinsomniac says:

    So…I’m what you would probably call a liberal, though I’m what I would most would call a moderate. I own my own handgun. I am fully in support of the 2nd Amendment rights. As I read it, and as others more informed of the legal language and the decisions of the US Supreme Court regarding this issue seem to think, limiting the kind and extent of firearms one can have is not a violation of the 2nd Amendment. No one is saying that we cannot have arms to protect ourselves. The buzz is all about deciding what kind, how many and how much. And…I get it…more government intervention is not necessarily appealing, but in an increasing violent society, with an increasing access to things that do people in (guns, drugs, etc.) what solutions can we come up with that work for all? Or…do we just give up?

    From my personal perspective, I believe this is going to be a case of the really destructive few ruining it for the many. We need to have some intelligent (non-partisan) discussion about this. It does no good to label people liberals or not based on where they stand on this. I know many who vote Dem who own their own guns and who support second amendment rights. I know just as many on the other side who say we should deal with this situation somehow.

    In the meantime, I’m spending time at the shooting range, and honing in my target practice, but I’m not worried they’re going to take my gun away, because so far, not one “liberal” has even advocated that, to my knowledge.

    • rmactsc says:

      As the new gun control law in Connecticut is set to pass (liberal driven) it makes firearms and magazines that were legal yesterday illegal today. Somehow having to remove a pistol grip makes the rifle safer? I think not. Instead of a 30 round magazine people now have to carry three ten round magazines to the range; makes no sense to me. Our founding fathers would never had stood for such tyranny 🙂

  3. conelrad says:

    For those who say that no one has yet to come and take their weapons away is naïve at best. I would point out that the proposed Connecticut legislation is but the first step in an eventual gun confiscation by the government. Can anyone tell me what purpose there is to having someone register their 30 round magazine? It will not stop anyone from using it. It will not save any persons life, nor stop another Newtown. So why register? The answer can only be so that the government has a list of who has what and therefore can go and confiscate it. Or as some have suggested, tax it, or force legal citizen gun owners to get insurance. The government IS the final arbiter of their own power.

  4. conelrad says:

    you going to join any lawsuit or lawsuits? will it do any good? is the Connecticut judiciary just as left as the buffoons in the state house?

  5. conelrad says:

    I’ll be watching out for you-jj

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