Good morning.  For those of you who have read my books; please feel free to leave a review at  Also for those of you who enjoy writing; a word of advice this morning.  Please do not let negative reviews bring you down.  You will get a few from time to time so read them; pay attention to what points are valid and ignore those that have no value other than to be insulting.  I look forward to reading your reviews; hopefully positive ones over at  


  1. 1stminstrel says:

    I am sure most of the reviews will be positive…BTW…do not know if you received it, but I sent you an email about some video marketing software that I have, will send it to you if you think you might be able to use it to market your books some more. No charge, just included in a bunch I acquired recently.

  2. Brittius says:

    Why would anyone give you a negative review? Odds are that they are liberals or possibly others envious of your work. It doesn’t matter if what you write has been said before, you are writing books, and not giving the evening news reports. Keep with it. {Get back to work!}

    • rmactsc says:

      Appreciate that. Negative reviews don’t bother me but I know there are other writers who take them to heart and I want to make sure it doesn’t discourage them; when they get them as well. I have a number of writers who follow this blog and wanted them to know to take the negative comments with a grain of salt 🙂

      • Brittius says:

        Over the years, I freelanced a bit to supplement my income and people said that I had what they believed to be, a talent. I’m just being myself. Plenty of critics. Plenty of people that would steal or destroy my work. Envy. In all of the material covered in your work, if it pulls just one person out of a bad situation in their lives and simply eases them a bit, you changed the world for the better. I am willing to wager that you have done exactly that, or in the future, maybe a natural disaster or similar, it will happen. Maybe it will happen repeatedly and you never find out, but be patient, it will happen.
        My father was 82d Airborne on D-Day. Growing up, he always taught my brothers and myself, little odds and ends, here and there. It all paid off, throughout my life. I never told my father of all the crap that I went through, and wouldn’t want to, but he seemed to have that certain instinct about him that he always knew. Things are said over and over for many years. It always helps. Never doubt it, or yourself. That goes for any other writer or practitioner of the survival arts.
        When the crap hits the fan, everybody always runs to me for help. They otherwise say that I’m a bit nuts, gun crazy, and so forth. They also always want to go hunting with me. Understand?

  3. rmactsc says:

    Sounds like excellent advice. Your father sounds like a wise man as well. You are a valuable person to have around. Have you considered writing any books on survival and preparedness as you seem to have excellent knowledge on the subject and great writing skills.

    • Brittius says:

      My father is long gone. He answered the Final Roll Call, all old soldiers must answer one day. Only one brother left, today. I never really had the desire to write on survival skills but all, said poor things when I got into survival, when Reagan was in office, and the specter of the USSR situation and my kids were small. I wanted to make certain that my kids had a chance. Today, same concerns but of my grandchildren. My wife said that she wanted to write a book about me but nobody would believe it and chuck it as crap and laugh. I told her to write it if she decides to, after I am dead a few years. I hid most of the documents from sight but she knows where they are. My hope is that maybe someday, my grandchildren will be “black bagging” my crap, and find some things that will amaze them. The boys have seen much of my things but not all. I never kept anything in view because it is my belief that my house was for my kids to grow up in and enjoy life, and not to be in some shrine to their sire. My son learned that lesson well and also says, “I did my job”, or “I don’t need a medal to know I did something good”. The apple didn’t fall anywhere far from the tree at all but, I am not the tree. My father and his father, are the tree. I’m just looking after things, “in their absence”.
      Thank you for the kind words regarding my writing.

      • rmactsc says:

        My father was also a World War 2 Vet and passed away some time ago. If your wife ever finishes that book I’d be interested in purchasing a copy. Sounds like you raised your kids well and can be quite proud of them. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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