Avoid becoming predictable.  No matter how careful you try to be; it is easily possible for one’s daily routines to be compromised.  Vary your routines; trust your instincts and stay alert.  You must be observant and also familiarize yourself with your surroundings.  Learn to move quickly and quietly in all environments and avoid large groups of people.

You must take responsibility for your own survival and your families survival.  Do not rely on others to save you.  You are your own first line of self defense.  When danger threatens you must be prepared.  Your attitude is everything.  You must have the will to survive.  You must make up your mind that you can and you will survive.  Attitude, confidence, positive thinking, determination and believing in yourself and your abilities are your allies.  Self doubt and irrational fears are your enemies.

You can get a free preview of my first four post apocalyptic fiction survival books by clicking on the book cover images to the left of this blog post, on my blog page, which will take you to the Amazon.com website. Then you can click on the look inside option which will give you a free preview.  If my survival fiction books interest you; then consider purchasing them.  Book titles include American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution, American Rebellion Book 2 of the Revolution, American Rebellion Book 3 of the Revolution and American Rebellion Book 4 of the Revolution.


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