Question For The Month of April 2013

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Politics
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Once a month I thought I would place a question on my blog for discussion and debate.  So without further delay here is the question for the month of April, 2013.

Do you think based on either economics, political divisions, domestic policy and or foreign policy that a 2nd Civil War is coming to the United States?  Looking forward to hearing what you think.


  1. jokelly65 says:

    I personally think its possible many of the factors that led to both the Revolution and the Civil war are in play again.

    • rmactsc says:

      I suspect that if the conservatives were taking away Constitutional rights that were important to liberals you would already see civil unrest and rioting in the streets. Since it’s the liberals who are taking away Constitutional rights that are important to Conservatives I believe there will be more of a wait and see attitutde.

  2. Absolutely. Folks ain’t buying up guns and ammo just to turn it all back in. We’re in for a rough ride, considering that not only do we have an extremely high possibility of civil war, but also a looming economic collapse and ww3 all kind of taking shape at the same time. Time to put your big girl panties on.

    • rmactsc says:

      I was in a Cabelas store the other day and the ammo shelves were almost completely empty. Someone actually had a shopping cart that they were loading up with whatever they could find that was remaining; as there was no limit on purchasing what little ammo they had left.

  3. pb944s says:

    Yes, I think it’s coming. Has anyone tried to get any ammo lately, the supply line has already been cut off. They didn’t stop making it, someone’s buying it and its not the civilian population.

    • rmactsc says:

      Another reason that prepping is so important. The ammo situation is a classic example of how it’s better to stock up when things are plentiful instead of trying to rush around and purchase things when they are only available in limited quantities.

  4. ispiderbook says:

    I doubt it. I think America has more to worry about outside of it’s borders. It’s a bit like worrying about the internal factions within England and not paying attention to what Adolf Hitler was up to in 1938.

  5. Brittius says:

    Profoundly improbable.
    Select any issue.
    People cave in to the politicians and all of the politicians are the same bag of snakes.
    Life is too soft. Life is genteel. People believe that meat grows in supermarkets.
    Degeneracy has been carefully spoonfed to the citizens until dumbing down has become easier as colleges today, merely cover the same material that was basic of tenth grade high school of probably up to the late 1970s.
    People continue to vote for those feeding them, or perhaps a candidate with “nice hair”. Forget about a simple voter identification card, there should be a Voter Aptitude Test, formulated and administered by State Educational Regent Boards. Four grade classifications of: A) Dumb; B) Really Dumb; C) Terribly Dumb; D) Democrat.
    The People are prepared for a fight if the Second Amendment is harmed in any way. Problem is, there are so many different thoughts that I have heard as the same gun owners vilified me, for not supporting their ideas of what basically boils down to going on a mass murder rampage, which is precisely what the government is hoping will occur. Gangs will seek destruction of the nation itself, to further their own agendas. Miniature armies of gangs that have chapters all over the country will then be unified as units but, 99% of the time, gang members have low intelligence, in general. They will carry out the same nonsense as the government. Too many individuals, and for that matter why not, maintain individuality as a sovereign citizen, as opposed to joining any of the gangs, including political parties. Individuality, would in fact work, because it was the original mode of conduct that this nation once established, is, based upon.
    Another consideration is financial liability of any hostile action for property damage or involving physical injury, serious physical injury or death. People lack not only intelligence but an understanding that they cannot go around spraying lad all over the place at random as a motion picture depicts (the people that are anti-gun but make billions from showing mass violence), and expect that you are not liable for any, of your actions.
    Non-Combatants. Where will their refuge be? The walking incapacitated that can no longer cope with events beyond a paper cut or a wedgie? They will require lodging, meals, latrines, personal hygiene accommodations, Optical, audio, dental, medical, mental, health care. Light bulbs, toilet paper, drinking water, soaps, disinfectants, towels, laundry facilities, educational and recreations facilities, security personnel as the people would also be stressed and have personal conflicts between one another. Who will provide all of this? If your answer is the government, then you acknowledge that the government is the lawful authority. If nothing is done, then people will band into tribes. Tribes bands into mini-nations. Once government is defunct, the country belongs to the American Indians. We, are born, on THEIR land. We, belong to them, the American Indians, and owe them our respect and loyalties. Typically, in the same manner that the United States Government took care of the American Indians, the government will and is as the moment, seeking to do the same to the American Citizens.
    Bottom line, wives will yell, the husbands will put away their arms because they enjoy being fed home cooking. America, will go quietly, into the night, and dissolve. Most people today do not have a ten year memory of history, so how can it be left to them to decide the future that includes extreme instabilities, wholesale, as a prolonged way of life? I highly doubt it.

    • rmactsc says:

      I agree with most of your assessment. I do feel however that if guns are banned outright all across America as was done in England and Australia; and weapons are confiscated from law abiding citizen’s, the masses of gun owners would then rise up and Civil War 2 would commence.

      • Brittius says:

        IF, there were to be any, revolution or civil war, the big question I try to get across is, would it be only, because “guns” were at stake or, would it because of constitutional rights issues and defense of the United States Constitution? Big difference. Most, if it were pushed, would defend the guns, and be complacent about infringements or loss of other rights which are all equally important. Not many understand this. Usually, those who served, see this matter with clarity. We are not Americans solely because we have a right to keep and bear arms, we are Americans because we have numerous rights enshrined within the Bill of Rights. Firearms or any other weapon from a stone, knife, knuckles, audio transmitter, or stick, to a laser or other futuristic weapons we do not even think of, are the anchoring point of maintaining the rights if a tyrannical government attempts to usurp the rights within the Bill of Rights. Some people simply want to overthrow the government and that is not prudent without due cause.

      • rmactsc says:

        Excellent points. I believe more and more people will see the wrong direction our country is headed in as Constitutional rights erode one by one by one.

  6. Paco says:

    Something will need to hit a large percentage of the population and hit hard. Jobs, fuel, food. If the government can avoid blame there won’t be a civil war. Blame will be placed on China, BRICs, speculators, hoarders (ie. preppers), TBTF banks, foreign central banks, whoever. All the government needs to do is deflect blame. Or propaganda will instill the need to unite in a war against whatever country is convenient.
    Loss of rights will not cause ACW2. Rights, including rkba, will continue to be eroded and nothing will be done except the same histrionics and then acceptance.

    • rmactsc says:

      There has never been a time in the modern history of this country when the Republic has been in greater danger. We are closer to Communism now then we ever have been.

  7. A second Civil War?

    No- the first one was simply a revolution lost and it was the third American Revolution of several too date.

    1. In 1783 hundreds of farmers who had been forced into service during the Revolutionary War by George Washington a known anglophile and person who detested the common man, they were repelled and this was the FIRST unsuccessful revolution against the United States.
    2. Whiskey Rebellion 1791, Washington instituted taxes higher then King George had against farmers in Pa., farmers rebelled, Washington the original traitor marched unpaid military against them.
    3. The Taos Revolt in New Mexico against the United States of 1841, people who had lived in New Mexico prior to the United States incorporation of it thanks to manifest destiny, an imperialistic push to conquer the known world that has not ended yet.
    4. “Civil War of 1861-1865” otherwise known as the War of Northern Agression by those who study history outside of the modern lies taught in public schools and publicly funded universities. Again, TAXATION without DUE representation was the initial cause for the Southern states secession. This secession was both legal and outlined by the true founders, Jefferson, Paine etc., slavery while despicable was not the core reason nor would it have continued for much longer.
    5. The New York City draft riots of 1863, Abraham Lincoln the “man who freed the slaves” instituted a national draft, in most cases unpaid except in food. This enslavement to fight a war of northern aggression against the Southern Free states was rebelled against violently in New York City in 1863. Hundreds of thousands of Irish fresh off the boat were enslaved and forced to fight or work to supply the Northern Aggressors in their war of conquest.
    6. The Phillipine -American war of 1899-1902 was a revolution against colonial American rule, yes, we had and continue to have colonies, no better then those we “rebelled” against during the American Revolution.
    7. Battle Of Blair Mountain, West Virginia coal miners rose up and numbering over 10,000 fought against national guard troops and cops because they were tired of being virtually enslaved to mine coal for the yankee assholes. This occurred in 1921, modern education ignores most of these events, especially this one and the following.
    8. The infamous Bonus Army march of 1932 by veterans of World War I against the despotic rule of the suits in Washington DC. The traitorous General Douglas McArthur used tanks and men to drive them from their tents, burning all of their belongings to ash. This is yet another example of idiots supporting a government, getting screwed by OTHER men supporting the same government.
    9. There have been several minor uprisings that were instantly made to appear as evil domestic terrorists by the state controlled media known as faux, cnbc, cnn and similar.
    10. I have not included the numerous times Native Americans attempted to gain their independence or retain it.

    This nation so many worship is not worthy of a true Americans praise in any way.

  8. Brittius says:

    Much of this is qualifying but does not constitute the epic scale of what is being faced today. Smaller skirmishes, yes, all of them were. Number 4, and number 7, are off base. West Virginians were never held or forced to remain, they moved as directed by union organizers seeking worker rights. The “yankee asshole” comment, is unwarranted as all over the coal was used, and anthracite in New York City was of Pennsylvania origin, and there too, coal towns and company stores. Not really government oppression of the first party. The New York City Draft Riots, my family was in, and it is still told every now and then at gatherings at times. The Confederacy did in fact have a company in Manhattan, on 116th Street at 1st Avenue, and were forming a second at 110th Street(?) at Amsterdam Avenue, with a third company somewhere south of Gramercy Park, and all of that was irking financiers bankrolling the Northern Union. On Long Island, there was in fact a full Confederate regiment. I wear a Stars & Bars tattoo for a reason. The 1863 Draft did permit a “Seconds” to stand in for the draftees. The monied would spend on a night of drinking in exchange for the fidelity signature on the draft notification. Nobody forced anyone to drink to the point of stupidity. I also does not, make things right, as you have well pointed out. The Bonus March was a disgrace. National Guard bayoneted combat veterans and they knew it was wrong but did not refuse an unlawful order. Bringing it all full circle with Oath Keepers, of which, I am one.
    I believe the scale necessary for an undertaking of this magnitude would in itself be horrific as population alone has multiplied tremendously from what the Original Three Percent was faced with, and that would cause nothing but serious problems because no matter where you turn, there will be non-combatants, children, elderly, property, and what of disruptions of services of power that would harm many that cannot get along without electric, water, sewage, natural gas service, telephone, cable, internet services? They would soon be “dropping dimes” on anyone they felt were “troublemakers” and interfering with their soft and easy lifestyle. In every instance you list, the people themselves were hardened and self sufficient, and they, had a tough time of things. Now, figure all fifty states and virtually the entire population of America would be disrupted. Most would opt for the soft and easy way out and damn us and our guns. They could care less of the Bill of Rights. The unknown factor is, why have so many firearms and tons upon tons of ammunition have been purchased and still, locally the shops are bare of ammunition! It might be not the gun control issue but the thought of a government successfully enslaving the People or going to Socialism, National Socialism, or Communism, that would cause hostilities. Then too, most would opt for the soft and easy way out or stop if guns were not an issue, because most have no clue of many if not most, factors, events, or previous perpetrated occurrence as you mindfully state.

  9. conelrad says:

    OK. Interesting question. I will agree with the point that if there were rights that libs cared about being destroyed/watered down, they would be rising up as I write this. On the other hand, the events of the recent past, such as Occupy Wall Street clowns, the IMF protests are as far as the left is concerned IS their beginning of a “Civil War”. If you look at the destruction that the lefties have wrought on our streets, and the timid response of the local government just re affirms in the mind of the left they can continue to get away with this behavior.
    I also agree that the War Between the States was not a “civil war” as by definition a civil war is for control of a standing single government. This was not the case of the period from 1861-1865.
    Looking at today, the Left has decided that violence will get them to their goal, however, that is just part of the equation. I think that as the Left continues to erode our civil rights by legislative processes, and court activism by turning from the fundamental ideas of the individual and private property to that of a statist nation where the state (read Federal power) trumps the individual. I do think if there were to be a true Civil War between the Left and the Right, the geo-political map could very well mirror that of the 1861-1865 conflict with the exception of Western U.S. If that were the case, the Right would be wise to wait. Wait for the rest of the Armament Industry to finish relocating to gun friendly states in the South and West. Wait for the factories to see how politically friendly the environment is, and wait for the job market to relocate from the Leftie Corruptible states such as New York, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, etc-you get the idea. Hell might as well throw in all of New England, the West Coast. As the population shifts to the free states, the clown Dem controlled States will have their political power diminished. Let the big cities continue their spending and bankrupt ways, as they tax themselves into oblivion.
    Eventually if things continue the way they are headed now, the Right will then have an opportunity to correct the situation, but time will be limited for them to do so. After that, then all bets are off.
    The question then becomes when the industries have relocated to the Free states, and the Tyranny States have lost everything from political power at the Federal level, due to population shift, to no money in the State coffers the Free States have to decide to either reform the cesspool known as Washington DC or start somewhere else, with the same, framework, maybe some improvements in the founding documents.
    If a war breaks out, how does the Republic keep foreign powers out of the internal fight that will be raging in our country? Can it even be possible? Where does the US military fall? Free or Tyranny? Does the military fracture? Or does it stay as a whole? I can see Mexico tying to reclaim it’s “lost” territory. China and Russia trying to play power brokers by supplying material to one side or the other. Europe is too disjointed to support one side or the other, but if it did , it would be to the Tyranny States.
    What if the military acts on its own to restore a Constitutional Republic?
    The monetary situation in the government is bleak already. The Treasury is broke.
    The Left has already declared war on the Republic as it stands today. So as far as I am concerned, yes bit it will not be soon.

  10. Brittius says:

    Mexico, leaves concerns of “repatriating” property, and if that happens, US would need to go into Mexico and grab their coastlines. What the hell? We’re getting 13+ million of them anyway. As far as blue helmets are concerned, blue helmets are not bulletproof and what I read is, that they will be killed, period, case closed, end of story.
    Canada, I would keep my eye open with them. Al-Can Highway, in particular. If they go that way, the US would need to go into Fairfax, but how? It will be high holy hell, fighting with Patriots, and the authoritarian regime will invite all onto our soil. Then what, Go after the politicians? No leadership=no consent? How can all of the different factions ever become one cohesive unit? I don’t see it happening.
    If the military decided to stand in the divide, and maintain a Constitutional Republic, that would be great for all but… That would take some thick rug. Would be real nice, and avoid bloodshed on a massive scale but, they work for their master, Obama. I guess he too has ventured a long way off from storefront politics.
    No matter how you look at it, it comes up bad. Unless, the banks and Wall Street, collapsed on their own, taking all of the investor money with them as they run away. That would unify the nation. Obama would smell like a rose. “Don’t blame me…”, and he shows that he is willing to work with all Americans as the nation would be financially ruined.
    Lefty State governments would implode under their own weight, and lack of working people.
    I need some aspirin (again). The issue remains, as I see it, not the matter of going to war but, how to save the nation from bloodshed when the current leadership is too damned stupid and full of themselves, to realize what the country is on a collision course with? How to save, our Constitutional Republic, from the politicians and their outrageous rogue regime antics, in America, of all places!
    Maybe we are not looking in the correct direction? Maybe we should be looking at the US Supreme Court for help?

    • rmactsc says:

      If the supreme court gets a liberal advantage in number of justices it can only get worse. My hope is that a Republican Conservative can win the next Presidential election; and if a liberal supreme court justice or two retires, and more conservative justices are appointed; this country might be able to recover.

  11. conelrad says:

    I don’t know if SCOTUS will be able to stop anything. After all it was Roberts who decided that Obamacare was a tax. Trusting the Federal government to once again do the right thing is not in my opinion a good option. Why? It is the Federal government once again being the final arbiter of their own power. While I do agree that the Fed politicians are complete and fully licensed buffoons with a nasty streak of narcissism to boot. After all this goofy Senate Gun Control bill making its way through the Senate was hatched on Manchins yacht during an evening of imbibing adult beverages, with Chuckie Schumer writing the damn thing. No one has read it, yet these narcissistic buffoons are ready to pass a bill no one has read or more importantly understands the future ramifications. The MSM have become elitist in their world view and have abandoned the ideal of doing the watchdog duties for the Republic and have cast their lot with the Statist. Lord help us all, the Republic is in danger of failing from within.

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