Whenever you enter someplace new; look for escape routes, improvised weapons and cover just in case any dangerous scenarios occur which require you to escape or defend.  Never submit to threats; and never allow an attacker to isolate you in a vehicle or an abandoned building.  If an attacker produces bindings such as a rope, cord, duct tape, zip ties, wire or handcuffs, you must not under any circumstances allow yourself to become incapacitated.

You must learn to be aggressive enough, quickly enough.  If you get into a vehicle; make sure the door will open from the inside before closing it, as some unscrupulous people deliberately disable the inside door handle making it non operational.  Make yourself a hard target; meaning that your actions and behaviors should present such a hazard to a criminal that they will bypass you in search of an easier target.  Mentally prepare yourself to win a violent confrontation at all costs.  You must be willing, ready and able to incapacitate a threat if neccessary.

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