Be aware of all that is around you as part of a 360 degree security plan.  Pay particular attention to anything that appears out of place.  Trust your instincts.  Your stomach has no ego so if  a situation makes you nervous or queasy there is a reason for it.  Determine the correct course of action based on a situation and follow through without hesitation.

Your first concern in a survival situation is to stay alive.  Speed is the key in any form of effective combat.  You must have the will and the capacity to act with severity and ferocity when faced with violence.  You are your own first line of self defense.  Avoid violence unless it is the only method avaialble to you to save your life.  Only foolish people escalate violence without considering where it might lead.  It’s okay to be polite and courteous but do not drop your guard for anyone.

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  1. Brittius says:

    I like your toys. The shotgun if you will notice in your photograph, is set up for a tactical reload, with shotshells readily available on the left side of the receiver, while the shotgun remains shouldered. the right handed shooter will have one round chambered. Hold the pistol grip while looking down that barrel towards the threat. The left hand is removed from the foregrip and feeds fresh shells into the loading tube. Practice this drill outdoors at a gun range.

    Now, from what I have been following of your writing, it appears that you might possibly have overlooked something. The need to be mindful of intelligence value of your trash, and also, the intelligence value of an opponents trash. Scenario, SHTF, society breaks down. Marauding and all of the other terrible acts associated with Man, tossed back into the stone age. People throw out an abundance of garbage? It means that they have money or some form of wealth to sustain them. Food waste. It means that they can be selective and have life, available to them. Other items are the standard identification on papers, and then look for oddities. Anything in the trash to indicate that something is going on, or about to happen. What is in trash that might arm you, or your potential enemy? They might have nothing but you, will be arming them, to attack you, possibly after they get hold of your family. Think about it.

    • rmactsc says:

      Excellent suggestion on the drill. Also a great observation on your part regarding trash. I’ve written in the past about not leaving boxes curbside such as an empty televison or computer box; as it is an advertisement to anyone driving by that you’ve just purchased a big ticket item. You have given me something to think about regarding everyday trash disposal.

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