Violent attacks tend to occur in fringe areas such as deserted parking lots, alleyways, empty public bathrooms, stairwells, ATM kiosks, etc.  The most reliable, powerful and accurate pistol will not do a person any good in a self defense situation; if the event demands decisive immediate action to ensure your survival, and you fail to take the necessary action.  The right to be armed for self defense is a natural right and it is incomprehensible that any rational person would intentionally render themselves defenseless.

After a SHTF situation occurs; violent crime levels will increase.  Theft, burglary, kidnapping, rape, murder, etc., will be the new societal norm.  You will need to be properly armed with sufficient skills to defend your life.  Not following this rule will almost guarantee that you will be abused, robbed, raped, tortured and killed at some point.  Firearms are essential for self defense in any harsh environment for reasons of personal security.

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  1. Brittius says:

    “Est vita superstes” = (Latin) = “Survival is life”.

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