Never hide spare keys to your home on your property.  Never use the fake rock, the inside the potted plant, the under the doormat, etc., as hiding places for a spare key as it will allow burglars easy access to your home.  Install solid door and window locks and replace any broken locks.  Keep foliage and shrubbery trimmed to remove a would be burglars hiding place.

Install motion detection lights.  Keep your tool shed locked and keep ladders secured inside your locked shed.  Never leave extra house keys inside your vehicles.  Don’t leave your garage doors open.  Don’t leave expensive items in plain view.  Don’t place empty boxes for valuable items at the curb as it will alert burglars that something new and valuable is now inside your home.

Keep in mind that no matter how calm, rural, suburban, or well off your neighborhood is; being burglarized is still a possibility.  Never open the door without first identifying who is there.  Once a door is opened; even if it is just opened a lttle, it is relatively easy for someone on the other side to force their way in.  Never leave your doors, windows, barns or garages unlocked.

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  1. No problem about the spare keys…I don’t have any spare ones! Oooh errr!

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