How did they manage to do it?  They must have a crystal ball because the newest set of gun control laws at the various state and federal levels were worded in such a way that criminals will now magically obey them.  They don’t obey the 22,000 other gun control laws that are already on the books; yet somehow these new gun control laws have criminals saying “what the heck, let’s just obey these”.  

It must be wonderful to be a liberal politician and totally ignore the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizen’s while magically thinking violent criminals will obey any gun control laws.  How did such incompetents ever get elected to positions of power?  Ask any of these liberal politicians what unconstitutional means and they shrug their shoulders, smile, and tell you to go speak to one of their assistants.  No wonder politicians are just slightly below used car salesman in terms of honesty and ethics.

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  1. Wild_E says:

    “No wonder politicians are just slightly below used car salesman in terms of honesty and ethics.”
    could not have said it any better myself !

  2. My apologies, people really are strange. Love your column!

  3. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    What is happening is very clear. Somebody, wants to divert attention away from the Boston Marathon bombing investigation because, things are getting too close to the truth and somebody, feels a little bit warm in the room. Obama, put up “Jihad Joey” Manchin to it, and like a good little puppet, Jihad Joey, dances when the strings are pulled.

  4. You ask how such incompetent people were elected to public office. Here is your answer:

  5. docdigit says:

    I’m not sure Osama…ooops, Obama is smart enough to think that far ahead (at least not on his own). This was likely a couple of kids perverted into doing a horrific act. I have a ‘radical’ solution to the whole problem (you can find it a my own blog, but if Roger wants it posted here, I’ll let him do it.) Politicians become politicians for one reason…power. They know that they cannot control the criminal element so they will control the honest person and have them become more and more dependent upon the government to ‘protect them’ from the criminals…yeah, that’s worked real well so far.

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