All of these so called gun control gun bans that liberals are trying to push through are plain and simply purely unconstitutional.  Using the liberal mentality; all passenger cars that exceed a certain speed limit should be banned.  You may never drive that fast but if the car is capable of achieving a certain speed then ban it; at least that’s how liberals think.

Many people, myself included, who are law abiding citizen’s are sick and tired of having our constitutional rights restricted and eliminated everytime some criminal commits a crime.  Most of these liberal politicians would be right at home running governments in totalitarian communist countries.  They are certainly not Patriots, they do not support the Constitution, nor do they even know the difference between constitutional and unconstitutional legislation.

We need to vote these anti freedom, anti constitutional liberal bums out of office in order to get our country back on the right track.  Stop punishing law abiding citizens and stop rewarding criminals and illegal aliens.  It’s time for law abiding citizen’s who support the Constitution to be encouraged in their efforts; not subject to ridicule because they support and defend our rights.  There; I feel better now 🙂

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