So you’ve gone out and purchased the perfect leather handgun holster; only problem is it’s too snug and it is affecting your ability to smoothly and reliably draw your handgun.  The solution, stretching the leather holster to accomodate your weapon.  Here is the method I use.

  1. Begin by making sure the leather holster you purchase is designed for your model of handgun.  If it is, stretching it with the following method should maintain retention but allow for a smooth, quick draw of the handgun from the leather holster.
  2. Start by tightly pushing a hand towel into the leather holster to a width slightly larger than your handgun.  Work it around the inside of your leather holster.
  3. Leave the hand towel inside the leather holster overnight.
  4. The next day remove the hand towel from the leather holster.  The leather holster should now be stretched sufficiently to accomadate your handgun properly.

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  1. Brittius says:

    What type of weapon, revolver or semi-auto? Next, What type of holster?
    The way I will do it, in general, is for the weapon to be empty and confirmed empty. Then spray weapon with WD40. Thin coat, use your fingers to spread it even. Then wrap the weapon in Sarran Wrap or similar plastic wrap. Good And tight, completely covered. then spray the inside of the holster with WD40 and spread it out again with your fingers. Wait ten minutes, and spray inside of holster again. Insert weapon. If it has a thumb break, work it carefully closed. Take your time. Let the rig sit over night. Next day, remove weapon and unwrap. Insert back into holster to check fit. Repeat wrap and spray procedure if necessary. On some holsters like NYPD former JayPee, I soaked them in hot water for 30 minutes. then with a pocket knife, open up the water drain hole. Take a mop handle or night stick, and jam it into the muzzle end of the holster. Wet the holster again and keep working it. Then with a WD40 sprayed and wrapped empty and confirmed revolver (S&W Model-10), insert it into the holster and let it sit over night. The leather will be damp the next morning. Spray the interior of the holster with WD40 and work the wrapped service revolver into it. I frown on chamfering the safety on the back of the cylinder recoil shield because with time it will wear as the holster ages and loosens up. The safety is good when the holster is correctly broken in and will stop an unauthorized weapon grab.

    • rmactsc says:

      Seems like we do it differently but whatever method works best is the one to go with. Most of my holsters work fine right out of the package so to speak; but every once in awhile I get a slightly tight leather one. The hand towel to stretch the holster has always worked well for me; no muss no fuss 🙂

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