Prepare yourself for a struggle.  The aftermath of a long term SHTF situation will be that once anything you’ve stockpiled is gone; you will be going back to some very basic living.  You will have to develop the skills needed to be self sufficient.  You must be adaptable to changing circumstances.

In a post SHTF world there may be no Walmarts or gunshops or gunsmiths so you need to have weapons, mags, ammo and replacement parts avalable and know how to do basic firearms repairs.  12 gauge shotguns, military style carbines and rifles, and handguns will be essential.

Your survival will be heavily influenced by how you react to a crisis or a disaster.  The actions you take will have either a positive or a negative effect on your life.  Even the simplest things left unattended can lead to unanticipated consequences.  Don’t panic and stay calm.  Maintain a positive attitude as positive thinking creates positive results.  Establish priorities, stay organized and stay informed.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Speaking about basics, don’t forget, basic items like archery tackle, axes, shovels, hammers.

    • rmactsc says:

      All excellent additions sir.

      • Brittius says:

        You appear to be an enterprising young man. I do not have the ability at the moment to undertake a specific project that I have in mind, so I am tasking YOU. I need for you, to get onto, and search paracord. Somebody makes slings. Make a few. Keep them handy for yourself and every member of your family, plus an additional few. Stones, are plentiful. A great survival weapon, as slings are silent, efficient, and can add food to your table and defend.

      • rmactsc says:

        I’m not as young as you might think. I have two kids in college so that makes me young in spirit but old in exerience 🙂

      • Brittius says:

        Still a young guy!

  2. Jerry says:

    I found your site googling for survival/prepper sites and I like yours. If you want to post an article on my Hill Country Preppers Network, I would be honored. I just built the site a couple of weeks ago and have been working my butt off on it. – Jerry Davis, HCPN.

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