Being safe not only encompasses being prepared when disaster strikes; but also covers ensuring your ability to survive from others who are intent on causing you harm.  You are not fully prepared unless you can protect not only your life but your families lives as well.  There is no better method of self-defense when your life is in imminent danger that a firearm in proficient hands.  Options include, handguns, rifles and shotguns and one should strive to develop proficiency with all of them.

When choosing a firearm, make sure the fit is proper, that it is comfortable, that you can manuever with it and that you can sufficiently handle any recoil.   If the weapon intimidates you then you will not want to spend time practicing with it.  Base your decision after researching; on what is practical and workable for you; not on what some salesman you’ve just met tells you.

Handguns and shotguns are generally close range weapons while rifles are generally distance weapons.  Regular practice with your firearms is important so take the time to practice the proper techniques and methods for using your weapons.  If the SHTF and your life is on the line, being unfamiliar with your weapons can be a life ending mistake.   

Along with your weapons choices don’t forget to stock up on ammo, mags, slings, holsters, cleaning kits, weapons cases, molle gear and other firearms related items.  Remember you are your own first line of defense.  Train properly and train effectively.

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    hope you don’t mind. I referenced your blog in my latest entry to the world-jj

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