In any SHTF, TEOTWAWKI or WROL situation you will find that some people will behave irrationally and may try to take advantage of chaotic situations.  Expect these people to commit criminal acts.  You must be prepared to defend yourself and your family.  All of these people will want something from you and many of them will do nothing to prepare; but will still feel they are owed something.  Just because a disaster has ocurred does not mean the attitude of the unprepared will change.

Do not allow strangers to latch onto you.  They can prove to be very dangerous.  Your goal is to prepare to ensure your family’s survival; not the survival of every stranger that passes by.  You must be prepared to defend yourself and your family from those who would try and harm you and steal your food, water, guns, ammo and other survival supplies.  If strangers had the chance to prepare and chose not to, it is not your responsibility to provide for them.

Your survival skills and your supplies will not be able to save everyone but they can help save the people who matter to you the most.  You must learn to trust your instincts and stay alert, avoid becoming predictable, be observant, familiarize yourself with your surroundings, learn to move quietly in all environments and avoid large groups of people.  In any survival situation your attitude is everything.

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  1. Holli says:

    I’ve always wondered about that kind of thing in the movies. You see the SHTF, and the hero (or heroine) ends up getting attached to the helpless, but spunky, side kick. In the end, the side kick always ends up being useful, wise in incalculable ways, and the pair become inseparable friends.

    But, I guess we go see movies for fantasy, because that’s what that is.

    If I can help someone, I will. But, I am a realist as to what I can do. I have a friend that was told at a feed store the other day that most people know they don’t need to prepare, they just have to have a gun and know who IS prepared. She shuddered as she left the store.

    If that’s the attitude in the country, I hate to imagine what it’s like in the city.

  2. Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    I agree completely, after the hammer falls those who are unknown are also by default enemies until proven otherwise. This is why I promote working within your community now, get to know your neighbors and dont be afraid to step a bit out of your normal circles. After all as Jefferson said I believe, “Religion and politics should never be a reason to cease being a friend.” (paraphrased from memory)
    We Americans are truly cowards at heart, we have had decades of using our “votes” as weapons, and now when we realize they never really worked we are still set in the same old mentality. The gay Catholic down the street may be just the person you need to help you, or the black atheist democrat etc., people will always be individuals. We can work with them regardless their minor stances and should. We dont need government, but thats a different area for discussion.

    Anyhow, tomorrow morning I am publishing a review of the Gerber Gator Machete. EXTENSIVE and rough testing as well as price, I now own 5 🙂

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks for the reblog and your excellent commentary on the situation. I look forward to your Gerber Gator Machete review as well. I have 1 Gerbor Machete, not sure if it is the Gator model though.

  3. This first book in your series grabbed my imagination, the characters grabbed my heart, and I downloaded the next and the next. The combination of science fiction/fantasy and romance is set in a heart-pounding time of desperation on the Earth, and the American rebellion is the only hope. You have to read this.

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