Everyone needs to have a good survival plan.  The following is my plan.

  • Assess the threat and respond accordingly.
  • Maintain and review inventory of prepped supplies and keep sufficient quantities on hand.
  • Keep small amounts of bills and coins set aside, as funds through ATM’s, etc., may not be available if the power is out.
  • Food and water are top priorities so make sure there is plenty available.
  • Guns and sufficient ammo are essential for defensive applications.
  • Proper clothing and available medicines should be ready and waiting.
  • Reliable vehicles should all have full gas tanks and there should be a sufficient quantity of spare 5 gallon gas cans filled and ready for use.
  • Make sure there is sufficient wood and duraflame logs for the fireplace or woodstove.
  • Make sure there is sufficient charcoal available for the grill.
  • Keep sufficient pet food for my dog.
  • Keep communications gear fully charged and ready to go.
  • Have a sufficient supply of plywood and screws in case anything needs to be boarded up.
  • Stay positive and be prepared to adapt as needed.
  • Do not overlook personal security.
  • Have a working generator available with appropriate power cords and fuel.
  • Remember accurate information is critical.

During times of disaster people will become desperate and will resort to acts of violence and desperation.  An outlaw mentality will develop as some people begin to feel that society is to blame and that they are entitled to things which they are not entitled to.

If commerce becomes disrupted you must rely on your own logistics.  Your goal is to survive a disaster in a better position than those who have not taken the time or effort to prepare themselves.  Make sure you know your limitations.  You must know what you are capable of and under what conditions you are capable of performing these tasks in.

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