Some of you are perhaps familiar with my post apocalyptic/survival fiction books; and not long ago I decided to start working on a zombie fiction book series.  The result is my first zombie fiction book entitled Biohazard Redacted Book 1 of the Zombie Apocalypse.  The storyline is as follows.

The zombie apocalypse has officially begun when Creedmoor Chemical begins dumping their failed medical cure all drug CRAv3 into the ground. Its unintended consequence is the reanimation of the recently deceased. As the zombie infection spreads; Tim is forced to leave his home and fend off not only deadly zombie attacks, but also the evils that man instigates against man. The following is Tim’s written record of events as he tries to stay alive and maintain his humanity; in a world decimated by the flesh eating zombie hordes. This is Book 1 in the Biohazard Redacted series.

All of my books are available at and a free preview is available by clicking on the book cover images on the left side of my blog page.  If you like what you see consider purchasing a copy. Below is a sample of the new book cover.


  1. You are a busy, BUSY person! I’m still struggling with my first fiction piece. Only a third through, so now I am gonna have to go check this out. 🙂 Congrats!!!!!!

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks. I look forward to reading and purchasing your first fiction piece when it’s available. What’s it about?

      • It’s going to be a psychic (sort of) mystery…Involving a deranged woman, a kidnapping, a not-terribly-skeptical detective, and a plain ol’ run of the mill office manager who “sees” things. I was going hot and heavy until the holidays, and then I slacked off. Life got in the way. But I imagine with the long, lazy summer days coming, I’ll bring the laptop out to the deck and work on it some more. 🙂

      • rmactsc says:

        That sounds like a phenomenal book. I absolutely want to buy a copy as soon as it’s available. What a fantastic storyline. The characters sound very intriguing.

  2. Oh, yeah….this baby is going to be on my Kindle real quick! 🙂

  3. Wild_E says:

    so fast !
    impressed and well now, not so impressed with my lack of progress !

    • rmactsc says:

      Sometimes I get on a roll and before I know it time has gone by and the story is complete. Eventually I get it all down and then I do a re-write; then I do a proof. I would say that one thing I’d like to change is I catch myself missing a few things every now and then on the proofing. Sometimes it’s hard to proof’s ones own work. I’ve already noticed three things in the new book I should have caught but missed and eventually I’ll have to correct for it; but as they say live and learn.

  4. Ok…can I just say? WOW! I set a whole evening aside to catch up on my reading, and I knocked it out in three to four hours. It was terrific! Holy cow, man! Can you write! I couldn’t put it down!

    Now I need to know what happens next! 🙂 I really loved it! I I loved so much I left you a little review on Amazon. I’ll be honest…you had me at, “zombie.”

    Off I go to check out the rest of your fiction! 🙂

    • rmactsc says:

      Thank you. That is the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me ever 🙂 I am really glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate the nice comments here and the great review you left over at Amazon. You are one awesome person 🙂

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