Here is June’s question of the month.  What is your absolute all time favorite firearm and why?  I look forward to your responses.  Mine happens to be the Mossberg 590A1 12 gauge shotgun.  Why?  Because I have a tremendous admiration for 12 gauge shotguns and this one happens to be easy to add accessories to and is reliable every single time 🙂


  1. JoanneBest says:

    The fact that I’m nervous about even answering this question is almost an answer in itself, as if the ??? will come knocking on my door to see if I’m a bitter-clinger.
    So lets just say that if there was a zombie apocalypse I’d go with a nice powerful shotgun and perhaps a crossbow 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    Glock 17 hands down.

  3. Duncan says:

    AR-15. No optics I’m good enough with the peephole and post and I don’t like relying too much on technology that is almost certain to fail just when you need it most. I don’t even own one but I figure that there will be quite a few of them laying around from people who bought them but didn’t know tactics. Barring zombie attacks, I’d take a marlin bolt action .22 magnum.

  4. My Glock or Shotty…hummmmmmm.??????

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