1. Wild_E says:

    was this a joke they did??
    did they not want anyone going through or was this one of the many little law enforcement traps I came across designed to generate revenue for the local corrupt police departments?

    • rmactsc says:

      Or they had too many signs in storage and they decided they needed to put them up; or lose budget funding for signs next fiscal year.

      • Wild_E says:

        That is why I like talking to you, similar but different point of views, so I learn something everytime as well.

        It is just a damn funny signage to boot

      • rmactsc says:

        I enjoy talking to you as well. It’s a shame the internet wasn’t around when I was a kid, makes you wonder what those of us from the pre-internet generation might have done differently 🙂

  2. Wild_E says:

    That sounds like a new book plot to me!

  3. oops! I guess that kinda conveys its message!

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