Here are some suprising things to consider about disaster scenarios.  Being aware of them could prove beneficial if you find yourself in a SHTF situation.

  • Neighbors in many places are not as willing to help out as they once were since both the moral and religous fiber of our society has crumbled away.
  • Pre collapse civil disorder has begun in places and stringent gun control laws in effect in certain locales makes defending yourself and your family that much harder.
  • If widespread disasters occur; expect that law enforcement will abandon their posts if it comes down to a choice of protecting society or protecting their own families.  Cops are only human and like the rest of us; family comes first.  (Remember Hurricane Katrina).
  • Looting, rioting and criminal behavior will be rampant and those who are well armed and well trained will have a better chance of not being victimized then those who are unarmed and poorly trained.
  • Disasters may force people to be self sufficient and self reliant for extended periods of time.  Are you adequately prepared for this.  If not you need to be.
  • Food, water, shelter, medical supplies, guns, ammo and related items will be survival essentals that you should have sufficient quantities of before disaster strikes.  Trying to get them afterwards will be extremely difficult.
  • Trust needs to be earned.  Actions speak louder than words.

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