Top 8 Things That Need To Be Invented Immediately

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Commentary
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I’m always on the lookout for things to make life more enjoyable and easier.  With that in mind here is my list of 8 things that need to be invented immediately.

  1. Chocolate and ice cream and pizza with unlimited toppings that tastes great but has 0 calories per serving.
  2. SUV’s with 8 cylinder engines that get over 100 miles per gallon.
  3. Eyeglasses that actually don’t scratch even the ones supposedly that are scratch resistant.
  4. A universal translator that converts all spoken foreign languages instantly into English.
  5. A magnet like device that can pick up broken glass.
  6. An invisibility cloak.  I’ll leave it to your imagination as to when such a device will come in handy.
  7. A lifetime warranty on mechanical and electrical devices that is really all inclusive.
  8. A ring on a politicians hand that instantly delivers a sizeable electric shock everytime they tell a lie.  Rings of a similar nature would also be provided to journalists for the same reason.

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