Yes I know it’s not July yet; but I wanted to post this question of the month early.  And aren’t you lucky as it’s a multi part question.   This question stems from my never ending search for the perfect range bag. What range bag are you currently using, do you recommend it, and what gear do you keep inside?  Looking forward to your responses.   Below is a picture of my current range bag.  


  1. Duncan says:

    I actually use a range box instead of a range bag. I have an old plastic toolbox that I take with me to the range. In it, I keep my cleaning supplies, “sticky” targets, stapler, ear plugs, a few tools and gloves. Sometimes I’ll carry my ammo in the box depending on how much I’m going to shoot. But most always if I’m making a trip to the range, I’m going to be there long enough to go through some ammo. So I’ll usually just keep it in the ammo cans I store it in. There may be a much better system out there, but I’ve never went to the range and not enjoyed myself or found my old toolbox to be lacking.

    • rmactsc says:

      Sounds like a great idea for a rangebag. One problem it solves is the sagging that some range bags do when you overstuff them and make them too heavy. At least the toolbox has a solid bottom to prevent that.

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