During a natural disaster, or civil unrest, or rioting, or martial law, etc., Keep in mind that a survival situation will effect everyone’s survival and not just yours.  It is important to minimize your struggles in order to maximize your survival chances.  The following are some important considerations to be aware of.

  • Allow extra time to accomplish your goals during a disaster as it will usually take longer to get to your destination or complete your plan or project.
  • Information is critical so use it to your advantage.  Make sure it is up to date and accurate.
  • Have sufficient modes of transportation and reserve fuel for yourself, your family and your supplies.
  • Utilize all available skills as needed and keep an accurate inventory of your gear, food and other resources.
  • Security, security, security.  Increase your security level as disasters will often bring out the worst in people.  Your security and safety is critical to your survival chances.

There are three types of folks.  Those who will do nothing to prepare for their survival and immediately surrender to circumstances, those who will do whatever it takes to survive even if their actions are immoral and unethical and those who will do what is necessary to survive while retaining their morals and ethics.  Try to be part of the 3rd group of folks. 

If things do get bad you need to be prepared to defend yourself not only for your own survival but for those other family members who may also be depending upon you for their survival as well.  It can be a dangerous world when disaster strikes so be prepared and proficient in your survival skills.

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