Yes, we all know that zombies in television series such as the Walking Dead are only fiction (for now) but it’s interesting to speculate on the origins and development of potential zombie outbreaks.  So here are some ideas to consider.

  • Origins could be the side effects of scientific experimentation pertaining to perhaps biological warfare or extending the life span of sick medical patients, or could be a new strain of an existing virus such as rabies, etc.
  • Outbreaks might occur as the virus is passed from person to person through either bites or infected scratches which perpetuates spreading.
  • Once infected the body could undergo changes such as shutting down non essential bodily functions and reducing thought processes to primitive levels.  Body temperature might no longer be regulated, and fevers would ensue reducing the body to a seemingly dead state.
  • Speed of infection would vary based on immune system responses, whether the virus is contracted through a bite or a scratch and where on the body the bite or scratch occurs. 
  • Zombie movements are slow, lumbering and erratic and they exhibit very poor motor control and coordination.  We are in for a world of hurt if zombies ever learn to run.
  • Nerves and tissues decay, emotions are gone and zombies are left with only a basic, primitive drive to feed. 
  • They become hyper-sensative to light and sound.
  • Zombies can be stopped by destroying the brain.  Rifles, shotguns, handguns and edged or blunt weapons are all effective. 

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