In any scenario; it is important to be aware of all that is around you as part of your 360 degree security plan.  You need to pay particular attention to anyone or anything which seems out of place.  Trust your instincts, do not ignore them as your first concern will be to stay alive.

You are your own first line of defense.  Based on circumstances the course of action you choose needs to be carried through without hesitation.  When faced with violence, which cannot be avoided, you must have the will to act with ferocity and severity in order to save your life.

It is irrational in this day and age that a law abiding citizen would not carry some form of a weapon.  To choose not to carry a weapon intentionally renders yourself partially defenseless.  Violence is escalating and many attacks occur in fringe areas such as deserted parking lots, alleyways, public bathrooms, stairwells, ATM kiosks, etc., where no immediate help will be available.

The most reliable and powerful weapon will do you no good if a situation demands immediate, decisive action for your survival and you fail to take action.  While it is best to avoid violence; if you are in a life threatening situation you may need to react violently to save your life.  Never escalate a situation which could turn violent until you consider where it might lead.

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  1. Wild_E says:

    I had a brain injury and it screwed up my ability to tell if people were good or bad, indifferent or intent. Still working on retraining for my little mind. Some days are better than others.

    Now, I am working towards that gut instinct again but it is hard when I can not trust my own thoughts and feelings. Sharing to help others here.

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