So you have your bug out bag pre-packed and ready to go………but will you be able to carry it if you need to use it?  We all know as we get older it becomes harder and harder to carry weight any significant distance; just think about the differences in what you can do physically when you were 20 or 30 years old as compared to 50 years old!

With that said here’s an everyday exercise you can consider doing right before bedtime.  Put on your bug out bag and walk up and down the stairs in your home 1 time, then do 1 deep knee bend.  The next night go up and down the stairs 2 times and do 2 deep knee bends.  The next night go up and down the stairs 3 times and do 3 deep knee bends and continue the pattern increasing by 1 each night.

Regardless of your body type if you can’t carry your bug out bag strapped to your back for a significant distance; you are going to be at a disadvantage, if you need to set out on foot with your supplies to avoid a disaster.  So have a well stocked bug out bag and the ability to carry it and use it.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Think of what you seriously need, and leave out the rest. Consideration was to place a priority on ammunition, and as little else as possible. I do not keep a bugout bag. Think of what to carry on a daily basis in the event that you are either unable to access the bag, or if denied access the to reach bag. Most of everything else is what I consider what my wife does when traveling with luggage and wardrobe, and so much other crap she “needs”. I don’t do that. She insists, “it’s different for a man”, but really, what do you need.
    I will tell you about the one and only time she demanded to go hunting with me, after complaining and presenting a case. Okay. Hunting. I knew, this, was going to be good. Real good. Go into the bush about only half mile or not even. “Where’s the bathroom around here?” I tell her, “Over there”. She looks and looks. I tell her about seventy yards, that tree next to those flat bushes. Then I explained. Had to stop and take her back to civilization more to her liking. Last time she ever piped up about going hunting with me. I drove to where I had family in the area and dropped her off. Next day, I filled my tag, yearling four-pointer (Eastern count).
    Try going one full day with only a knife. Then add anything and you see what a luxury everything else becomes.

    • rmactsc says:

      You bring up some good points and an interesting wife story. I notice many people myself included sometimes fall into the habit of “there’s so much additional room in my bug out bag that perhaps I should add more stuff” lol 🙂

  2. Duncan says:

    Oh, the rucksack knee benders! Drill sergeants loved them nearly as much as we (the poor and young Soldiers) hated them. I still do some forced road marches but no knee bends. My old and worn out knees just can’t keep up any more.

    Looking at the previous comment, it seems to me that we pack our BOBs depending on what we expect. In theory, one could survive with the clothes on our back and a small backpack (think Book of Eli,) but if I’m gonna have to make it for longer than a couple of days, I’m going to want some gear!

    • rmactsc says:

      I’ve been reviewing my bug out bag gear. It’s amazing how fast it accumulates. I can still carry it but it’s getting to the “I’d better not put anything else in the pack point.”

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