As a law abiding citizen I’m glad to still see that the second amendment (and my pistol permit) allow me to carry a firearm legally as I’ve done for a good many years.  Here are some important reasons why being armed in the event your life is in danger is so critically important.

  • Criminals attack when the police are not present and when there are no police in sight.  This leaves you alone to fend for yourself if attacked.  You must have the will and the skill to be able to defend your life.
  • Criminals target individuals they believe they can overpower; so when an intended victim draws a gun in a defensive manner the criminal quickly realizes that their intended target has the potential to stop them immediately and end the confrontation.
  • Are criminals afraid of law abiding citizens with guns?  Absolutely.
  • When you are attacked, it is your right and responsibility to defend yourself.
  • Police rarely stop crime from taking place but instead investigate violent offenses after they have ocurred.
  • Violent death at the hands of a criminal is one thing you cannot do over.
  • Better to have a gun and not need it then need a gun and not have it.
  • If you are about to become the victim of a violent crime ask yourself the following.  Do I have time to reach a phone and dial 911 before being attacked?  If I reach the police how long will it take the police to arrive if an attack is imminent?  The anwers are why it is so important to be properly armed and properly trained.

It is essential that law abiding citizens need to make sure that their rights to legally own firearms are not usurped.  As I’ve stated in previous posts firearms training and proper practice at a gun range is essential for anyone who carries on a regular basis.  Stay safe out there.



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