When the SHTF, survival will become the primary goal.  Keep the following in mind should any SHTF survival situation ever arise.  Lightly populated areas will be safer then more heavily populated areas.  You will need to do whatever is necessary to avoid the mass exodus of the unprepared who will flee the cities in search of food, water, shelter, etc, and may attempt to take these things by force.

In the absence of law and order it will not take long for people to revert to their base, savage instincts; so show restraint but if the situation warrants be prepared to use force in a defensive manner.  If the power fails for an extended period of time and food and water distribution is disrupted, expect to see fires, looting, escalating violent crime and massive migrations out of the cities and into the suburbs and rural areas.  Looters will look for easily accessible areas and will bypass areas that can offer strong resistance.

When the SHTF law and order is generally the first casualty.  Be prepared to defend yourself.  If you look and act like a victim you will in all probability become a victim.  Consider your home to be your well stocked survival outpost as the last thing you want is to become a fleeing refugee.

Avoid being caught unprepared.  Prepare properly when times are good so you will be well prepared when times are bad.  Even when society is in complete anarchy people will organize into groups; some good and some bad.  The bad groups are likely to be aggressive and violent so be prepared, be vigilant, and take responsibility for your own survival.

Stay safe my friends and remember the old sayings there are only 9 meals standing between people and complete anarchy and if someone is cold enough, wet enough or hungry enough they may resort to violent behaviors that they might never have considered before.


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