Priceless advice.


  1. docdigit says:

    …all while living under a regime that wants to tax us 100% so that we have nothing and can become a 3rd world country, give us the worst choices in health care so that we choose illness over medically imposed death and allow our children to graduate from high school unable to read or speak the native tongue of the land properly. All of this so that you can have that change you can believe in…

    • rmactsc says:

      While I disagree with pretty much everything the current administration tries to pass or does pass legislatively the United States is still the greatest nation on planet Earth. My hope is that the Conservatives take control of the house, senate and the presidency during the next election cycles and things move in a direction that follows the Constitution..

      • docdigit says:

        As long as people believe that someone will freely give them their ‘bread and circuses’, they will continue to vote for those who will also take their rights from them. Dictatorships don’t really happen overnight, the people lay the groundwork for them, feeding the soil with their own freedoms until they wake up one day and realize the true meaning of slavery.

      • rmactsc says:

        You are correct that some people will trade their liberties and freedoms for free stuff. It’s a sad commentary on the state of some American voters; and their apathetic willingness to trade away their freedoms so easily.

  2. I’m alive so that’s good and I’m always fighting because I live by the saying ” Illegitimi non carborundum.”
    As for voting? What’s the point, all politicians are as bad as each other.
    When given a choice I always write “None of the above”.

  3. Very inspirational post. I looked at it , read it and felt that I am very very fortunate. Sometimes these reminders are necessary when we do not appreciate what we have and long for something that we do not have. Thanks for sharing with us my friend.

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