Survival and preparedness are important concepts to master.  The following are some often overlooked survival tips which should be considered.

  • Get in the habit of carrying essentail every day carry gear on you.  It may be all you have if you are away from home and a disaster strikes.  Some considerations to keep with you are your handgun, spare ammo, car keys, folding knife, flashlight and identification.
  • Always stay properly hydrated.
  • Eye protection is a must either by using prescription or non prescription glasses.  If your vision is damaged and you can’t see your chances of survival are greatly diminished.
  • Communications are essential.  Keep in mind that a text takes up less bandwidth then a cell phone call; so if a cell phone call won’t go through due to an overload of the system during a disaster, a text still might.
  • Considerations for emergency shelter should factor in abandoned houses, garages and factories.  There are lots of abandoned buildings which could be used as emergency shelter if needed.  Stay concealad and watch your intended shelter location carefully to ensure it’s abandoned before approaching.
  • Some suburban needs may be different than urban needs when it comes to survival and preparedness and vice versa.
  • Avoid checkpoints as any gear you have may be confiscated.  
  • Maintain a positive, confident attitude.  Fear and self doubt will reduce your chances of survival.



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