What Are Your Three Favorite Rifles

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Weapons
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I’m always interested in people’s opinions on firearms.  Today I’d like to know what your three favorite rifles are.  Here are my choices.

  • AR-15 with both iron sights and scope capability (5.56, .223)
  • Modified SKS with synthetic stock, removable mag conversion and scope (7.62×39)
  • FAL L1A1 with scope (308)


  1. TamrahJo says:

    My Favorites:
    1. The one I first learned to shoot on.
    2. The ones I can figure out how to take apart, clean and reassemble to working condition without getting out the manual.
    3. The ones that do not leave my shoulder sore or jaw wired shut….


    • rmactsc says:

      Now those are three excellent rifles 🙂

      • TamrahJo says:

        #3 was really just a take on the first time I shot a … a….30 odd six? 30.30? It’s bee nearly 30 years since that day, and all I remember is it didn’t look like a shotgun, no one called it a shotgun, but the whole next week, my shoulder looked like a Cyclops had given me a hickey! LOL

      • rmactsc says:

        Pain has a way of making quite a mental imprint. Hopefully your shoulder healed properly.

  2. L1A1, L39A1. My two service weapons. Both in 7.62 x 51 NATO
    Stuff modern, stuff sophisticated, give me simple controllable POWER!

  3. Timmeehh says:

    Winchester 92 take-down Trapper
    Steyr SBS ultralight
    Anschutz BR-50

  4. 1. AR-15
    2. Remington 700 SS Milspec with the 5R barrel
    3. Ruger 10/22

    ’nuff said.

  5. Amanda J. says:

    I just shot my first rifle today, it was a.22 and it was great! I’m in the market for either a .17 rifle or a pump action Remington right now and am finding my way as I go. In Ireland we have different laws on guns and ammunition, but one thing is for sure, we don’t live in a world where we can really be without them now… Always good to be kept informed! As always, I read with interest… Peace brother.

    • rmactsc says:

      Congratulations on shooting your first rifle. I hope you had a great time. You are correct; that the world we live in these days requires being proficient with firearms for self defense. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Peace to you as well.

  6. […] a post “What are your three favorite rifles?” it downed on me that I shouldn’t just spend my blogging time shooting off my own […]

  7. Remington 597 .22lr
    Remington 700 sps tactical .308 with HS stock (nice short barrel for a suppressor)
    The 3rd has to be the one in my hands if the other 2 aren’t available.

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