Bugging In Is Better Then Bugging Out

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Survival
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Every disaster scenario brings its own set of unique circumstances to the forefront.  When the situation warrants; if you have the choice of bugging in or bugging out, bugging in will usually be the better option.  Why you ask;  let me elaborate.  By bugging in you have the following distinct advantages.

  • You will be in familiar surroundings.
  • Food and water in your refrigerator and or pantry can supplement your survival stash.
  • You’ll have additional time to improve and monitor your homes defenses.
  • Your home will offer shelter against the elements.
  • You’ll have access to clothing, blankets and other essential survival gear.
  • You’ll have access to weapons and ammunition.
  • You can better protect your home from thugs and looters.
  • You avoid becoming a refugee.

The better prepared you are now, the better prepared you will be to deal with a survival situation.  Trust your instincts and stay alert.  Make sure you have the will and the skill to protect yourself and your family.  Proper gear, proper training and proper mindset are the keys to successfully surviving when chaos is all around you.

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  1. I haven’t read any of your books as of yet. Just too busy working on my own material at the moment. However, I’ll point something out. Bugging out or Bugging in is dependent upon the circumstances; the condition of your “bug in” location, yourself and the surrounding area will determine whether bugging IN is better. If something is going to run you out physically (an incoming nuke perhaps? Riots a block over? Roving bands of murderers?) then bugging OUT is better, assuming you can get out of the area, carry enough supplies to keep you fed for a day or so until you’re in a safer area etc.

    There are just too many variables to say one is better than the other and you have to evaluate the circumstances as you go. Be prepared for BOTH.

    • rmactsc says:

      I agree with your analysis which is why the opening line on my post indicates if the situation warrants. Every disaster scenario has different risks associated with it, however all things considered where the options to either bug in or bug out are both available; generally speaking bugging in is usually preferred.

  2. A tale of bugging out.
    In 2011 the UK had a few tiny riots. One of the weapons of choice was fire.
    Due to a local news black out NO details were broadcast to update local residents.
    A political or policing decision that no one official will admit doing.
    A friends family attempted to bug out when down the end of their street a car was set alight.
    On the way to their car (some 20 yards from their front door) they were attacked, robbed, and a left a little bruised. The car wasn’t touched.

    Like I’ve always said,
    Outside in a civil disorder you’re basically toast. Burnt toast even.

    • rmactsc says:

      Thanks for sharing your friends families saga. I hope they are now okay. Being outside when civil disorder and rioting occurs is a recipe for disaster.

  3. Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    There is no one sure approach, better to work with your neighbors now, dont be the crazy survivalist that everyone dislikes and crosses the street to avoid but knows that if something does happen they can all band up and bounce for their awesome stashes…

    Be the smart guy that has food stored, doesnt tell everyone and works with neighbors setting up gardens and bartering those items among each other. Before you know it you will have an entire neighborhood that would upon crash already be used to working together and would become a cohesive group quickly.

    Also have bug out stashes prepped in advance- ALWAYS be prepared!

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