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Posted: October 30, 2013 in Equipment
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Probably one of the most overlooked items of prepper gear is what to wear on your head.  Military helmets will get you strange looks and they are also much too heavy.  Baseball caps are a consideration but they have some drawbacks as well.  While they are socially acceptable the front bill of the hat can interfere with rifle optics and they do nothing to protect the back of the neck from the sun or the rain.  Yes I know you can wear them backwards but who wants to constantly be flipping their hat back and forth.  A common and popular solution is the Boonie hat.  They are easily foldable to avoid interference with rifle optics, offer a degree of sun and rain protection for the back of your neck,  and are comfortable to wear.  If you haven’t thought about head gear from a survival/preparedness aspect, now is the time to do so.

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  1. Brittius says:

    A floppy Boonie, or a Devil Dog Boonie..? That is the question.

    Feel around the outer edge where the trim edging fabric is (I don’t remember the real name of it), and at the back, look to see if there is a tiny opening not sewn.

    Take 16-gauge mechanic wire, and measure roughly around the outer brim, plus maybe 4″.
    A plier tool will bend 1/4″ of wire back onto itself and flattened with the pliers.
    Feed the crimped end of the wire into the opening of the edge of the brim. Hold the wire, feed the fabric. Like threading a worm on a hook.

    When the wire is all the way around the edge of the brim, feed it into the other side of fabric for two inches, the same way it started.

    Look at the excess wire. Touch it to the opening of the fabric. Cut about 1″ and crimp 1/4″ and feed it though the opposite side where you fed the wire when you started.

    Feel with your fingers, where the wire is on both sides of the hat, and try to adjust it evenly, if possible.

    Now, your choice. Cowboy bend or USMC Devil Dog bend. Shape your brim.
    The Devil Dog brim is up in the front, so you can see danger up above you. Not too radical a rise. The back of the hat is bent upward a bit more sharply because, if you are carrying a pack on your back, and must shoot, get down into prone position quickly. If the back brim is not bent sharply, the hat covers your eyes like “Lights Out”. With the bent brim, you can return fire with full vision.
    Rule of Infantry: Never shoot standing, if you can shoot kneeling. Never shoot kneeling, if you can shoot sitting. Never shoot sitting, if you can shoo prone.

    OK. You are almost done.

    The cute little chin strap. Feed it though the label at the back of the hat. It is snugged to the base of the skull, in Drill Instructor fashion. Cooler days, wear the hat lower. Hotter days, raise the hat for air flow to cool your head.

    Don’t have a label in your hat or it ripped? Take a piece of paracord 2″. Remove the core strands. Heat the ends. Sew into the back inside of the sweatband only near the ends. That is if the label is not there, so you can feed the chin strap through it., has two videos out if you want to crown-off with paracord, but it adds weight to the hat. Personally, I do not care for it. Looks nice, but the weight, I do not like.

    Now, a piece of paper, and a sandwich bag. Cut the paper just about 1/4″ bigger than the inside of the crown of the hat. Do the same with the plastic sandwich bag. Then insert the plastic, next the paper. You are now rain and wind resistant, and you head will be just a little warmer for cooler days.

    If anyone is shot, pull the plastic out and place it over the wound to form a barrier that blood can collect and seal. It will help prevent shock from setting in for about a minute or so, hopefully until help can arrive. Chest wounds especially, so that thoracic vacuum is not depleted, and they can remain in shooting condition for another minute or two if the fight lasts that long.

    The paper inside the crown can be used as tinder or, to mark off a body count (enemy), with pencil.

    Oh, you Devil Dog.

    • rmactsc says:

      I now have a project to do this weekend. I have 6 boonie hats so it looks like I have my work cut out for me 🙂 Thanks for the instructions sir; very helpful.

      • Brittius says:

        Those are combat inspired.
        Remember, chin strap to the back of the base of your head, or, out of the way, through the loop.
        If you wear eyeglasses, they will be shielded from sunlight reflecting off of the lenses.
        If you wear a wristwatch, turn the dial to the inside of your wrist. Hold a rifle, or hold a pistol. The watch crystal reflects light. It gives away your position and, makes a positive target for the enemy to direct gunfire towards. Wear your belt buckle to the side, for the same reason, and that target area includes groin region, so sideways with the belt buckle.

      • rmactsc says:

        Haven’t worn a wristwatch in years and all my belt buckles are dark, non shine, but sideways has advantages absolutely.

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