If a long-term disaster scenario strikes and society crumbles away; preppers may find themselves having to patrol their property on a regular basis to deal with criminals, thugs, and looters who will try and take advantage of the chaotic situation.  So depending on what type of molle load bearing vest, warbelt, etc., you choose to carry; the prepper on short-term immediate property patrol should consider carrying the following items.

  • Combat effective rifle along with three spare magazines
  • Handgun along with three spare magazines
  • Portable First Aid Kit
  • Binoculars if your rifle does not have high powered optics
  • Flashlight seperate from your mounted weapons light
  • Replacement Batteries
  • A small amount of food
  • A days supply of water
  • Fixed Blade Knife
  • Communications Devices such as a cell phone and a two way radio

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