Do Deep Underground Military Bases Exist

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Conspiracy
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Do deep underground military bases exist?  The answer to this question is yes they do.  Speculation is rampant on what goes on in these facilities and the following are some of the theories that have been put forth.

  • Strategically placed to be used for detecting and intercepting weapons launched by our enemies.
  • Communications hubs to be used for intelligence gathering.
  • Long term storage facilities for food, water, medicine, seeds, fuel, weapons, etc.
  • Safe, secure, impenetrable areas for dignitaries and other officials should the world come to an end and civilization needs to start over.  Essentially massive survival bunkers for those with the right connections.
  • Facilities which are used for alien experimentation or for testing alien technologies.
  • Testing and development areas for new weapons, experimental aircraft, etc.
  • Interconnected with many other underground facilities of a similar nature to provide undetected movement of personnel and equipment by underground vehicles, trains, etc., for whatever purposes deemed neccessary.
  • Storage area for genetic samples of all life forms.
  • Medical containment and testing facility for bio-medical and bio-chemical agents.

So what do you think?  Do deep underground military bases exist and are there any other activities which might be going on there?  Unofficially I hear they host pizza parties every other Friday night for those with the proper credentials 🙂

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Deep Underground Military Bases

  1. Brittius says:

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    Perfect location for undisturbed pastime: Pizza; Hand-Made cigars; and Poker.

  2. Pizza parties lol! I’m sure these places do exist but I’m also sure we’re not meant to believe a word of it 😉

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