What Is A Preparedness Mindset

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Preparedness
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I’m often asked what is a preparedness mindset?  After giving this question much thought I’ve come up with the following answer along with additional commentary.  A preparedness mindset means being aware that dangerous natural events and manmade disasters can occur; and that a person needs to anticipate them, prepare for them, and be able to effectively deal with them by having the knowledge, the skills, the gear, and a positive, confident attitude.  

Survival related disasters can take many forms. These include natural disasters, war, famine, terrorism, violent crime, civil unrest, societal breakdown, etc., and having a preparedness mindset can often mean the difference between living and dying; if and when disaster strikes.  You always need a backup plan and a person should never be overly dependent on government provided goods and services as they may not always be available.  

Having a preparedness mindset will help you with becoming self reliant, with thinking clearly, with acting decisively and with being able to adapt and react accordingly whern dangerous situations present themselves.  Being prepared means living confidently; not living in fear, so prepare the best that you can within your financial means and as time goes by you can add to and improve your prepared supplies.  Stay alert, stay aware and above all stay safe. 

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  1. Prepper mindset in a few words? Trust no one.

  2. RT says:

    Thank you for a well-expressed explanation of Preparedness. I am posting a link to it on my own blog.

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